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Look down, look down,
Look down, look down,
The sun is strong,
Look down, look down,
I've done no wrong!
Look down, look down,
I know she'll wait.
Look down, look down,
When I get free, you won't see me
Look down, look down,
Look down, look down,
Now bring me prisoner 24601!
You are a thief!
You robbed a house!
I know the meaning of those 19 years;
Five years for what you did,
And I am Javert!
The day begins, and now lets see
You've given half what the other men get!
You broke the law! It's there for people to see!
Like a cur I walk the streets.
Though our live are very humble,
The silver in my hand cost
The old fool trusted me, he'd done his bit of good.
Tell his reverence your story.
You were lodging here last night.
But my friend, you left so early!
You must use this precious silver
What have I done, sweet Jesus? What have I done?
If there's another way to go,
He tells me that I have a soul.
I am reaching, but I fall.
Jean Valjean is nothing now!
At the end of the day
At the end of the day
And the righteous hurry past,
At the end of the day
And there's gonna be hell to pay
At the end of the day
Take a look at his trousers,
At the end of the day,
Give that letter to me,
I run a business of repute,
I might have known the bitch could bite,
Right, my girl...
I dreamed a dream
but the tigers come at night
He took my childhood in his stride
I dreamed a dream my life would be
Now life has killed
I smell women, smell 'em in the air!
Lovely ladies, smell 'em through the smoke!
Even stokers
Lovely ladies, ready for the call!
No more than five,
What can I do? It pays a debt.
Come on, Captain,
I'll kill you, you bastard, try any of that!
One moment of your time, Javert,
Look out!
The old man's a goner for sure!
I have only known one other who can do what you have done.
Well, of course, he now denies it.
If I speak I am condemned.
Who am I?
Who am I?
Come to me, Cosette, the light is fading.
For God's sake, please stay till I am sleeping. And tell Cosette I love her
Valjean, at last, we see each other plain.
Before you say another word, Javert,
If I have to kill you here,
I was born with scum like you!
I swear to you,
There is a lady all in white,
Well, look who's here!
Enter, monsieur, sit yourself down,
Master of the house, quick to catch your eye
I have come to take Cosette,
One thing more, one small doubt
Thank you both for Cosette
Look down
Look down
Look down
Look down, look down
Where are the leaders of the land?
Only one man - and that's Lamarque -
I did not see you there,
It's the police, disappear! Run for it!
Everyone about your business,
At Notre Dame
At rue de Bac
What's wrong today?
You talk of battles to be won,
Lamarque is dead. Lamarque...
The people's man... His death

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