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Can you name the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Players by number they primarily wore?

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A player is only considered to have worn "no number" if that player never wore a number in any season. Finally, for some of the numbers with lots of answers, only last names are accepted due to lack of space.
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Jersey NumberHall of Famer(s)Hint(s)
NoneThere are twelve players voted into the Hall Of Fame who never wore a number.
1Two players, one wore no number for the majority of his career, the other played mostly in the 1980's
2No player has primarily worn #2, the only player who has, split between 2 numbers but mostly never wore one.
3Six players have worn number 3.
4Eight players have worn number 4.
5Six players have worn number 5.
6Both players who wore 6 played for only 1 team and played in the 50's and 60's.
7These three players combined for over 1000 home runs despite 2 of these players playing, mostly, before 1940.
8Eight players have worn number 8
9Of these four players, two only wore number 9 for a portion of their career.
10Neither player wore 10 his entire career, one played a large chunk of his career with no number and the other also wore a single digit.
11Of these six players, one played in the 1990's.
12Of these three players, only one, a second baseman, wore it for the vast majority of his career.
14Both of these players played their entire career for one team.
15Of these three players, only one, a pitcher for the Red Sox and Yankees, wore it for the majority of his career.
16Of these four players, two wore 16 for the vast majority of their careers, both pitchers.
17No player has primarily worn #17, but 3 pitchers from the 20's and 30's wore it for a number of years.
18No player has primarily worn #18, but a pitcher from 20's did wear it for a few years.
19Four players have worn #19 including 2 position players from the 1980's
20Five players have worn #20 spanning most years from the 20's through the 80's.
21This list of four players includes a pitcher in the 350 win club and a hitter in the 3000 hit club.
22Both players who wore 22 were pitchers, one in the 30's and one in the 60's and 70's.
23The only player to wear #23 manned 2nd base.
Jersey NumberHall of Famer(s)Hint(s)
24These three players peaks represent the 60's, 70's and 80's.
26Of the two players to wear 26 the only one who primarily wore it was a left fielder in the 1960s.
27Of these three players, two are pitchers who once won 25 games in a season, one in the 60's and one in the 70's.
28When he retired only two players had more strikeouts than him.
29The only player to wear 29, an infielder, is one of the best hitters of all time.
30Most people associate this pitcher with a different number; however, he had most of his best seasons wearing #30.
31Two of the three players who wore 31 wore it for the majority of their career. One hitter of the 70s and 80s and a pitcher of the 60s and 70s.
32Both players who wore 32 were dominating pitchers.
33This member of the 500 HR club never hit more than 33 in one season.
34Perhaps the most famous number 34 only wore 34 for a little over half his career. The other two players wore 34 for the majority of their careers.
35This pitcher ended his career with over 300 wins and over 3000 Ks.
36Both players who wore 36 were pitchers, one won 28 games in 1952 and the other twice completed 29 games in the 1970's.
39This player was a 3 time NL MVP.
41The two players who wore 41 are members of the 500 HR Club and the 300 Win/3000 Strikeout Club.
42There are actually 2 players who have worn 42, can you name the pitcher who played from 1976-1988
43This pitcher has a Cy Young and an MVP.
44These are three of the hardest hitters of all time.
45This pitcher won 2 Cy Young awards and an MVP.
49This pitcher wore 49 for the 5 years he played for the New York Giants.
53This pitcher had a hall of fame rotation-mate.
54This player has been very outspoken against players who have used PEDs.
72This catcher wore this number for the last half of his career.

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