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Can you name the The Sopranos: Who Killed...??

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Forced Order
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Adriana La CervaExecuted in the woods
Rusty IrishThrown off a bridge
Philly 'Spoons' ParisiExecuted in his car
Dominic 'Fat Dom' GamielloStabbed to death in the back of Satriale's
Bert GervasiStrangled to death in his home
Mikey PalmiceExecuted in the woods
Phil LeotardoExecuted at a gas station
Richie AprileShot to death in the kitchen
Chucky SignoreShot to death in his boat
Ralph CifarettoStrangled to death on the floor of his kitchen
Jimmy AltieriExecuted in a hotel room
Christopher MoltisantiAsphyxiated after a car accident
Jackie Aprile Jr.Executed in a housing project
Billy LeotardoShot to death on the street
Angelo GarapeExecuted in a car trunk
Fabian PetrulioStrangled to Death outside his trailer
Brendan FiloneExecuted while taking a bath
Salvatore 'Big Pussy' BonpensieroExecuted on a boat
Sean GismonteShot to Death in his car
Matthew BevilaquaExecuted in a State Park
Salvatore 'Mustang Sally' IntileExecuted in his apartment
Donnie PaduanaExecuted in his car
Carlo RenziShot during a botched card game robbery
Dino ZerilliShot during a botched card game robbery
Joseph 'Joey Peeps' PeparelliExecuted in his car
Vito SpataforeBeaten to death in a hotel room

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