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Can you name the every Oscar-nominated movie from 1990-1994?

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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Anjelica HustonCostumes (1991)
Christina RicciArt Direction (1993)
Terence StampCostumes* (1994)
Michelle PfeifferSupp. Actress, Art Direction, Costumes* (1993)
Robin Williams (voice)Score*, Song*, Sound (1992)
Mia FarrowScreenplay (1990)
Sigourney WeaverVisual Effects (1992)
Aidan QuinnScreenplay, Cinematography, Score (1990)
Robert de NiroPicture, Actor, Screenplay (1990)
Kurt RussellSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects (1991)
John TurturroSupp. Actor, Art Direction, Costumes (1991)
Sharon StoneEditing, Score (1992)
Michael KeatonMakeup, Visual Effects (1992)
Paige O'Hara (voice)Picture, Score*, Song* (1992)
Charles GrodinSong (1993)
Jessica LangeActress* (1994)
Whitney HoustonSong, Song (1992)
Laurence FishburneDirector, Screenplay (1991)
Gary OldmanArt Direction, Costumes*, Makeup* (1992)
Warren BeattyPicture, Art Direction*, Costumes* (1991)
John CusackDirector, Supp. Actor, Supp. Actress* (1994)
Robert de NiroActor, Supp. Actress (1991)
Robert Downey, Jr.Actor, Art Direction, Score (1992)
Billy CrystalSupp. Actor* (1991)
Harrison FordSound, Sound Editing (1994)
Susan SarandonActress (1994)
Sylvester StalloneSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects (1993)
Andrew StrongEditing (1991)
Stephen ReaPicture, Actor, Screenplay* (1992)
Gerard DepardieuActor, Art Direction, Costumes* (1990)
Jeremy IronsSupp. Actress (1992)
Kevin CostnerPicture*, Director*, Screenplay* (1990)
Kevin KlineScreenplay (1993)
Tom CruiseSound (1990)
Meryl StreepVisual Effects* (1994)
Warren BeattyArt Direction*, Makeup*, Song* (1990)
Johnny DeppSupp. Actor*, Makeup* (1994)
Johnny DeppMakeup (1990)
Miranda RichardsonSupp. Actress, Screenplay, Costumes (1992)
Solomon PerelScreenplay (1991)
Leslie CheungCinematography, Foreign Film (1993)
Jeff BridgesSupp. Actress (1993)
Demi MoorePicture, Supp. Actor, Editing (1992)
Richard HarrisActor (1990)
Tom CruiseSupp. Actress, Score (1993)
Robin WilliamsActor, Supp. Actress*, Screenplay (1991)
Kiefer SutherlandSound Editing (1990)
Bette MidlerActress (1991)
Tom HanksPicture*, Actor*, Director* (1994)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Hugh GrantPicture, Screenplay (1994)
Jessica TandySupp. Actress, Screenplay (1991)
Harrison FordPicture, Supp. Actor*, Editing (1993)
Jason PatricSound (1993)
Patrick SwayzePicture, Supp. Actress*, Screenplay* (1990)
Jack LemmonSupp. Actor (1992)
Al PacinoPicture, Director, Supp. Actor (1990)
Ray LiottaPicture, Director, Supp. Actor* (1990)
Steve MartinScreenplay (1991)
Gerard DepardieuScreenplay (1990)
Anjelica HustonActress, Director, Supp. Actress (1990)
Mel GibsonArt Direction, Costumes (1990)
Robert RedfordScore (1990)
Kate WinsletScreenplay (1994)
Uma ThurmanCinematography (1990)
Jack NicholsonCinematography, Makeup (1992)
Macauley CulkinScore, Song (1990)
Arthur AgeeEditing (1994)
Dustin HoffmanArt Direction, Costumes, Makeup (1991)
Emma ThompsonPicture, Actress*, Screenplay* (1992)
Sean ConneryEditing, Sound, Sound Editing* (1990)
Woody AllenSupp. Actress, Screenplay (1992)
Clint EastwoodSupp. Actor, Screenplay, Editing (1993)
Daniel Day-LewisPicture, Actor, Director (1993)
Catherine DeneuveActress, Foreign Film* (1992)
Tom CruiseArt Direction, Score (1994)
Kevin CostnerPicture, Cinematography*, Editing* (1991)
Arnold SchwarzeneggerSong (1994)
Sam NeillSound*, Sound Editing*, Visual Effects* (1993)
Daniel Day-LewisSound* (1992)
Brad PittArt Direction, Cinematography*, Sound (1994)
James Earl Jones (voice)Score*, Song*, Song (1994)
Winona RyderActress, Costumes, Score (1994)
Campbell ScottSupp. Actor (1990)
Susan SarandonActress, Screenplay (1992)
Michelle PfeifferActress (1992)
Jane MarchCinematography (1992)
Isabelle HuppertCostumes (1991)
Nigel HawthorneActor, Supp. Actress, Art Direction* (1994)
Denzel WashingtonActor, Costumes (1992)
Armand AssanteSong (1992)
Kenneth BranaghMakeup (1994)
Jim CarreyVisual Effects (1994)
Mel GibsonCostumes (1994)
Carolyn FarinaScreenplay (1990)
Kathy BatesActress* (1990)
Joanne WoodwardActress (1990)
Billy CrystalSupp. Actor (1992)
Robin WilliamsMakeup* (1993)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Joe PesciSupp. Actress* (1992)
Jodie FosterActress (1994)
Chris Sarandon (voice)Visual Effects (1993)
Paul NewmanActor, Screenplay (1994)
Tilda SwintonArt Direction, Costumes (1993)
Glenn CloseSong (1994)
Mary McDonnellActress, Screenplay (1992)
Tom HanksActor*, Song*, Screenplay (1993)
Holly HunterPicture, Actress*, Supp. Actress* (1993)
Tim RobbinsDirector, Screenplay, Editing (1992)
Janet JacksonSong (1993)
Meryl StreepActress, Song (1990)
Julia RobertsActress (1990)
Barbra StreisandPicture, Actor, Supp. Actress (1991)
John TravoltaPicture, Director, Screenplay* (1994)
Ralph FiennesPicture, Director, Supp. Actor (1994)
Laura DernActress, Supp. Actress (1991)
Isabelle AdjaniCostumes (1994)
Anthony HopkinsPicture, Actor, Actress (1993)
Jeremy IronsActor*, Director, Screenplay (1990)
Brad PittScreenplay, Cinematography*, Score (1992)
Kevin CostnerSong (1991)
Al PacinoPicture, Actor*, Director (1992)
Liam NeesonPicture*, Director*, Screenplay* (1993)
Ben KingsleyCinematography (1993)
Debra WingerActress, Screenplay (1993)
Morgan FreemanPicture, Actor, Screenplay (1994)
Tim RobbinsDirector (1993)
Anthony HopkinsPicture*, Actor*, Actress* (1991)
Stockard ChanningActress (1993)
Tom HanksScreenplay, Song (1993)
Keanu ReevesEditing, Sound*, Sound Editing* (1994)
William ShatnerMakeup, Sound Editing (1991)
Arnold SchwarzeneggerMakeup*, Sound*, Visual Effects* (1991)
Geena DavisActress, Actress, Screenplay* (1991)
Irene JacobDirector, Screenplay, Cinematography (1994)
Miranda RichardsonActress, Supp. Actor (1994)
Arnold SchwarzeneggerSound, Sound Editing (1990)
Robin WilliamsArt Direction, Costumes (1992)
Jamie Lee CurtisVisual Effects (1994)
Steven SeagalSound, Sound Editing (1992)
Clint EastwoodPicture*, Director*, Supp. Actor* (1992)
Johnny DeppSupp. Actor (1993)
Angela BassettActor, Actress (1993)
Nicolas CageSupp. Actress (1990)
Kevin CostnerCinematography (1994)
Emilio EstevezSong (1990)

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