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Can you name the every Oscar-nominated movie from 1995-1999?

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Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Nick NolteActor, Supp. Actor* (1998)
Julie ChristieActress (1997)
Harrison FordEditing, Sound (1997)
Kevin SpaceyPicture*, Actor*, Director (1999)
Edward NortonActor (1998)
Michael DouglasScore (1995)
Djimon HounsouSupp. Actor, Cinematography, Score (1997)
John Cusack (voice)Score, Song (1997)
Patsy KensitCostumes (1996)
Jodie FosterArt Direction, Costumes (1999)
Tom HanksPicture, Editing*, Sound* (1995)
Robert DuvallActor (1997)
Bruce WillisSong, Sound, Visual Effects (1998)
Jack NicholsonPicture, Actor*, Actress* (1997)
Mike MyersMakeup (1999)
James CromwellPicture, Director, Visual Effects* (1995)
E. G. Daily (voice)Song (1998)
Val KilmerCinematography, Sound, Sound Editing (1995)
John MalkovichDirector, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1999)
Oprah WinfreyCostumes (1998)
Robin WilliamsMakeup (1999)
Nathan LaneArt Direction (1996)
Mark WahlbergSupp. Actor, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1997)
Hilary SwankActress*, Supp. Actress (1999)
Mel GibsonPicture*, Director*, Cinematography* (1995)
Emily WatsonActress (1998)
Meryl StreepActress (1995)
Kevin Spacey (voice)Score (1998)
Warren BeattyScreenplay (1998)
Robert de NiroActress (1995)
Fernanda MontenegroActress, Foreign Film (1998)
Tobey MaguirePicture, Supp. Actor*, Screenplay* (1999)
John TravoltaSupp. Actor, Cinematography (1998)
Nicolas CageSong, Sound (1997)
Jodie FosterSound (1997)
Denzel WashingtonEditing, Sound, Sound Editing (1995)
Daniel Day-LewisSupp. Actress, Screenplay (1996)
Sylvester StalloneSound Editing (1996)
Sean PennActor, Actress*, Director (1995)
Woody AllenScreenplay (1997)
Johnny DeppSong (1995)
Al PacinoScreenplay (1997)
Sean Connery (voice)Visual Effects (1996)
Reese WitherspoonScreenplay (1999)
Cate BlanchettPicture, Actress, Makeup* (1998)
Gwyneth PaltrowCostumes, Score* (1996)
Julianne MooreActress, Cinematography (1999)
Ralph FiennesPicture*, Director*, Supp. Actress* (1996)
Arnold SchwarzeneggerSound Editing (1996)
MadonnaArt Direction, Cinematography, Song* (1996)
John TravoltaSound Editing (1997)
Frances McDormandPicture, Actress*, Screenplay* (1996)
Brad PittSound Editing (1999)
Bruce WillisSound Editing (1997)
Goldie HawnScore (1996)
Anna PaquinCinematography (1996)
Robert CarlylePicture, Director, Score* (1997)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Ethan HawkeArt Direction (1997)
Jennifer Jason LeighSupp. Actress (1995)
Michael DouglasSound Editing* (1996)
James WoodsSupp. Actor, Makeup (1996)
Winona RyderSupp. Actress* (1999)
Ian McKellenActor, Supp. Actress, Screenplay* (1998)
Matt DamonPicture, Supp. Actor*, Screenplay* (1997)
Tom HanksPicture, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (1999)
Kenneth BranaghScreenplay, Art Direction, Costumes (1996)
Tate Donovan (voice)Song (1997)
Emily Watson Actress, Supp. Actress (1999)
Robert RedfordSong (1998)
Demi Moore (voice)Score (1996)
Denzel WashingtonActor (1999)
Kevin KlineSupp. Actress (1997)
Will SmithSound, Visual Effects* (1996)
Russell CrowePicture, Actor, Director (1999)
Pam GrierSupp. Actor (1997)
Joanna Pacula (voice)Score (1996)
Tom CruisePicture, Actor, Supp. Actor* (1996)
Jeff GoldblumVisual Effects (1997)
Tenzin Thuthob Tsarong Art Direction, Cinematography, Costumes (1997)
Guy PearcePicture, Supp. Actress*, Screenplay* (1997)
Nicolas CageActor*, Actress, Director (1995)
Eddie MurphyMakeup (1999)
Roberto BenigniPicture, Actor*, Foreign Film* (1997)
Liesel MatthewsArt Direction, Cinematography (1995)
Jane HorrocksSupp. Actress (1998)
Kris KristoffersonScreenplay (1996)
Cary Elwes (voice)Song (1998)
William H. MacySupp. Actor, Screenplay, Song (1999)
Diane KeatonActress (1996)
Antonio BanderasSound, Sound Editing (1998)
Keanu ReevesEditing*, Sound*, Visual Effects* (1999)
Will SmithArt Direction, Makeup*, Score (1997)
Liam NeesonCinematography, Score (1996)
Woody AllenSupp. Actress*, Screenplay (1995)
Charlize TheronVisual Effects (1998)
Barbra StreisandSupp. Actress, Song (1996)
Richard DreyfussActor (1995)
Judi DenchActress, Makeup (1997)
Eddie Murphy (voice)Score (1998)
Brendan FraserSound (1999)
Meryl StreepActress, Song (1999)
Julia RobertsScore (1997)
Jimmy SmitsMakeup (1995)
Anthony HopkinsActor, Supp. Actress, Screenplay (1995)
Eddie MurphyMakeup* (1996)
George ClooneySong (1996)
Meryl StreepActress (1998)
Ralph FiennesCostumes (1997)
Jennifer LopezScreenplay, Editing (1998)
Robin WilliamsScore (1998)
Woody HarrelsonActor, Director (1996)
Reese WitherspoonArt Direction, Costumes, Score (1998)
Mel Gibson (voice)Score*, Song* (1995)
Nicole KidmanSupp. Actress, Costumes (1996)
Notable StarMovie TitleExample of Nomination(s)/Year
Massimo TroisiPicture, Actor, Score* (1995)
Whitney HoustonScore (1996)
Richard GereSupp. Actor (1996)
John TravoltaSupp. Actress, Screenplay (1998)
Ralph Fiennes (voice)Song* (1998)
Samuel L. JacksonScore* (1999)
Robert Downey, Jr.Art Direction*, Costumes* (1995)
Ian McKellanArt Direction, Costumes (1995)
Liam NeesonSupp. Actor (1995)
Sean ConnerySound (1996)
Claire DanesArt Direction (1996)
Peter FalkMakeup (1995)
Julia OrmondScore, Song (1995)
Tom HanksPicture, Director*, Cinematography* (1998)
Brenda BlethynPicture, Actress, Supp. Actress (1996)
Emma ThompsonPicture, Actress, Screenplay* (1995)
Morgan FreemanEditing (1996)
Gwyneth PaltrowPicture*, Actress*, Supp. Actress* (1998)
Gong LiCinematography (1995)
Geoffrey RushPicture, Actor*, Director (1996)
Bill PaxtonSupp. Actor, Screenplay (1998)
Bruce WillisPicture, Director, Supp. Actor (1999)
Kevin BaconScore (1996)
Johnny DeppArt Direction*, Cinematography, Costumes (1999)
Billy Bob ThorntonActor, Screenplay* (1996)
Ethan HawkeCinematography (1999)
Trey Parker (voice)Song (1999)
Patrick StewartMakeup (1996)
Ewan McGregorSound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects (1999)
Casper Van DienVisual Effects (1997)
Richard FarnsworthActor (1999)
Michael J. Fox (voice)Visual Effects (1999)
Sean PennActor, Supp. Actress (1999)
Sarah PolleyDirector, Screenplay (1997)
Matt DamonSupp. Actor, Screenplay, Art Direction (1999)
Minnie Driver (voice)Song* (1999)
Tom HanksSong (1996)
Jim CaviezelPicture, Director, Screenplay (1998)
Kate WinsletPicture*, Director*, Visual Effects* (1997)
Anthony HopkinsCostumes (1999)
Jim BroadbentScreenplay, Costumes*, Makeup* (1999)
Tom Hanks (voice)Screenplay, Score, Song (1995)
Tim Allen (voice)Song (1999)
Ewan McGregorScreenplay (1996)
Jim CarreyDirector, Supp. Actor, Screenplay (1998)
Janet McTeerActress (1999)
Bruce WillisSupp. Actor, Costumes (1995)
Helen HuntSound, Visual Effects (1996)
Peter FondaActor (1997)
Andie MacDowellScore (1995)
Michelle PfeifferSong (1996)
Gabriel ByrneSupp. Actor*, Screenplay* (1995)
Ewan McGregorCostumes (1998)
Dustin HoffmanActor, Screenplay (1997)
Kevin CostnerSound (1995)
Robin WilliamsArt Direction, Visual Effects* (1998)
Helena Bonham-CarterActress, Art Direction, Cinematography (1997)

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