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YearMovie TitleNotable Star
1977Richard Dreyfuss
1977*Alec Guinness
1978*Christopher Reeve
1979*Sigourney Weaver
1979Anthony Perkins
1979Roger Moore
1979John Belushi
1979William Shatner
1980*Mark Hamill
1981Ralph Richardson
1981*Harrison Ford
1982Harrison Ford
1982*Dee Wallace
1982Craig T. Nelson
1983*Mark Hamill
1984Dan Aykroyd
1984*Harrison Ford
1984John Lithgow
1985*Don Ameche
1985Fairuza Balk
1985Nicholas Rowe
1986*Sigourney Weaver
1986Rick Moranis
1986Heather O'Rourke
1987*Dennis Quaid
1987Arnold Schwarzenegger
1988Bruce Willis
1988*Bob Hoskins
1988Val Kilmer
1989*Ed Harris
1989John Neville
1989Michael J. Fox
1990*Arnold Schwarzenegger
1991Kurt Russell
1991Robin Williams
1991*Arnold Schwarzenegger
1992Sigourney Weaver
YearMovie TitleNotable Star
1992Michael Keaton
1992*Meryl Streep
1993Sylvester Stallone
1993*Jeff Goldblum
1993Chris Sarandon (voice)
1994*Tom Hanks
1994Jim Carrey
1994Jamie Lee Curtis
1995Tom Hanks
1995*James Cromwell
1996Sean Connery (voice)
1996*Will Smith
1996Bill Paxton
1997Jeff Goldblum
1997Michael Ironside
1997*Leonardo DiCaprio
1998Bruce Willis
1998Charlize Theron
1998*Robin Williams
1999*Keanu Reeves
1999Liam Neeson
1999Michael J. Fox (voice)
2000*Russell Crowe
2000Kevin Bacon
2000George Clooney
2001Haley Joel Osment
2001*Elijah Wood
2001Ben Affleck
2002*Ian McKellan
2002Tobey Maguire
2002Ewan McGregor
2003*Viggo Mortensen
2003Russell Crowe
2003Johnny Depp
2004Daniel Radcliffe
2004Will Smith
2004*Tobey Maguire
YearMovie TitleNotable Star
2005Tilda Swinton
2005*Naomi Watts
2005Tom Cruise
2006*Johnny Depp
2006Kurt Russell
2006Brandon Routh
2007*Nicole Kidman
2007Johnny Depp
2007Shia LaBeouf
2008*Brad Pitt
2008Heath Ledger
2008Robert Downey, Jr.
2009*Sam Worthington
2009Sharlto Copley
2009Zachary Quinto
2010Johnny Depp
2010Daniel Radcliffe
2010Matt Damon
2010*Leonardo DiCaprio
2010Robert Downey, Jr.
2011Emma Watson
2011*Ben Kingsley
2011Hugh Jackman
2011James Franco
2011Shia LaBeouf
2012Martin Freeman
2012*Suraj Sharma
2012Chris Evans
2012Michael Fassbender
2012Kristen Stewart
2013*Sandra Bullock
2013Ian McKellen
2013Robert Downey, Jr.
2013Johnny Depp
2013Zachary Quinto

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