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Can you name the movie titles from two sets of clues?

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Clue #1Movie TitleClue #2
NearlyKnown to many people
A resident of the USAAlfred Hitchcock movie
Prophetic account of the end of the worldThe present
Actress, Mischa ______Nickname of former WWF announcer Howard Finkel
Liquid pumped around the bodyValuable gemstone
First meal of the dayCard suit
PursuingActress, ___ Adams
Inhabititant of a cityWWE Wrestler
Not be confused with an alligatorScottish city with two football teams named after it
German for 'The'Not soft
The Green line on London Underground mapsIX
A practitioner of medicineOpposite of yes
A rubber, found at one end of a pencilPart of the body above your shoulders
A skirmishCaveman's weapon
Brand of cleaning productCelebrity chef, ______ Ramsay
Off-limits, not prohibitedVenus or Mars, for example
Slang term for a thousand pounds or dollarsWhere one may stay overnight on a trip
The colour of growing grass1,760 yards
North American rodent a.k.a. WoodchuckThe time between sunlight hours
Situated far above the ground or sea levelWhisky, Vodka, Gin and Rum
A river in New YorkA bird of prey
InjuredWhere one may keep their belongings at a gym
Opposite of outIt's in Belgium
Another name for a police officer or detectiveA mechanical device or gizmo
Chemical element with the symbol FeA male human
Tom & _____Actor, Tobey _______
Of the middle period of the Mesozoic eraA public garden or recreation ground
A male monarchTV station based in Seattle, Washington
City of Angels (abbreviated)To be kept secret
Causing or able to cause deathA tool used to inflict bodily harm
Clue #1Movie TitleClue #2
Misplaced or separated from it's ownerUS Rock Band, Vertical _______
00:00To sprint or jog
American state with Jackson as it's capitalElvis Presley song, _______ Love
French for WindmillFrench for Red
EnsuingDay between Thursday & Saturday
A member of hospital staffOld-fashioned, shortened version of the name Elizabeth
Atlantic, Pacific & Indian XI
Last letter of the greek alphabetArea of NYC, ___hattan
In computing, a fix for a software programmeFormer US President, John Quincy _____
Of, for or known to people in general, not private'Keep your friends close and your _______ even closer.'
1. A soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter. 2. A book containing lurid subject matter, and being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paperNot fact
This is one...To allow or cause to be seen
A form of precipitation___drake, a poisonous plant with white or yellow flowers
Lifting or rearingUS state, home of the Grand Canyon
Bird associated with ChristmasThe bonnet of an automobile
Adriatic or MeditteraneanAn English cookie
Opposite of NorthLargest ocean on Earth
A celestial body as a point of light in the night skyBoer, Crimean, Falklands & World...
Clark Kent's alter-ego'Many Happy _______'
_____ Blind MiceMexican friends
Number which is unlucky for someCollective term for phantoms, spirits or poltergeists
A child's playthingA factual or fictional account of an incident or series of events
Male relativeSlang term for a dollar
Of or relating to a cityA myth or fable
Common flavour of ice creamBritish ___ Broadcasting
Great ____ of ChinaAnother term for a public road or avenue
A marriage ceremony and festivitiesA male or female vocalist
_ marks the spotSteel tools with rough surfaces used for shaping or smoothing things
YouthfulBecame the world's first time-traveller in Back To The Future
A place where wild animals are kept for exhibitionPublic university in South Carolina

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