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What city is Will from originally?
Where city/town did Will move to (where does his Uncle and Aunt live)?
What is Carlton’s favorite song to dance to?
What is Geoffrey’s last name?
In one episode, Will discovers a great voice and tries to get her a record deal. Who was the character that had the amazing voice?
What is Uncle Phil’s occupation?
What celebrity played Jacqueline 'Jackie' Ames, Will’s old friend from Philly?
What is the name of the character in the show that has a major crush on Hilary Banks?
What was the potential name of the book that Will tried to get published (episode with Jay Leno)?
What was the name of the café/restaurant at the ULA that Carlton and Will worked at?
What was the occupation of Will’s father, Lou Smith?
Will got stuck going on a date with the character Marissa Redman to try and help Hilary out. What celebrity played Marissa Redman?
How many seasons was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on for?
In one episode, Will gets in a fight with one of Little Nicky’s favorite characters named Dougie. What type of mammal was Dougie?
Who does Will sneak food to in return for money to help fund his trip to Mexico?
What was the name of Hilary’s fiancé who died in a tragic bungee jumping accident?
In one episode, Will tries to impress Mimi Mumford by pretending to be a young Republican from what US state?
What sport did Will and Carlton both play on Bel Air Academy for?
Will, Carlton, and Uncle Phil attempt to go camping in one episode and they end up losing all their gear and having to stay in a cave. What did Will find in the cave?
What type of musical instrument does Will pawn Ashely’s violin for?
Who ends up playing the role of Rafeal de la Ghetto in the episode where Will needs someone to be a pretend poet he made up to impress a girl?
Can you name one of the two actresses that played Aunt Viv/Vivian Banks?
What was Uncle Phil’s nickname from his parents?
What actress play Lisa Wilkes in the show?
What was the name of Sherman Helmsley’s character in the show?
What was the theme of the wedding that Lisa and Will almost went though with when they tried to elope? This was also Will’s childhood idol
Which one of Will's cousins had their own talk show on TV?
What character dated a woman that was a mail carrier?
What was the name of the apartment building that Will pursuaded Uncle Phil to invest in? This is also where Jazz lives.
What is the name of the news station that Hilary and Trevor work for?
What percentile did Will get on an aptitude test to beat out Carlton?
Alfonso Ribeiro played what character on the show?
What make of car were Will and Carlton in when they were arrested for alledgedly stealing the car?
What college did Uncle Phil go to which is the same school Carlton wants to get into?
On what live TV show did Uncle Phil propose marriage to Aunt Viv on?
What was the name of Uncle Phil's personall pool cue stick that he used to help get Will out of a gambling debt with?
What college did Hilary drop out of?
What class did Aunt Viv teach at Bel Air Academy that Will and Carlton were a part of?
What is Will's moms name in the show?
In one episode, Geoffrey goes on a blind date with an english woman. Who played the english woman?
In the episode ''Twas the Night Before Christening', who was the group that made a guest appearance?
The Banks family was invited onto who's show in Season 3?
What was the name of the girl that falsely told Carlton and the Banks family that her son was alledgedly Carlton's son?
Who played the ULA mascot Peacock?
What happened to the Bank's kitchen when will attempted to Flambe?
When Carlton spent all of their money in Vegas gambling, what type of contest did Will enter them in for an attempt to win enough money to get back home?
What famous Major League Player who played for the Seattle Mariners for a large part of his career made a guest appearance on the show?
Who did Uncle Phil catch kissing a handyman in their kitchen one night?
What type of procedure was Will in the hospital for that he tried to escape out of?
How many episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were produced over it's full amount of seasons?

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