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Forced Order
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African American's are finally allowed to enter war because of which president?
Racial segregation is unconstitutional
Person that roughly started Civil Rights Moevements
Group that formed as a direct result of his/her actions?
Group of students that tried to enter school in Little Rock, AR but were forced out
100's and 1,000's start movements, sit-in's, and picketing that formed?
four big civl rights groups
which is grandaddy of them all?
Which is interracial?
group that started sit-in in Greensboro, NC to protest a segregated Woolworth's Lunch Center
led to ruling which made it unlawful to segregate on the interstate
This group boarded buses in D.C. to travel to the South and make they were abiding by new interstate rules
1962 case which resulted in defeat for Civil Rights Groups
Famous speech that was written by MLK in Birmingham jail
Huge event that happened in Dallas, TX Nov, 22, 1963
This event led to the famous 'I Have A Dream' and largest rally in D.C. with over 250,000 people
event that happened two weeks later at the 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL
President that became most aggressive towards promoting civil rights
act that led to removing of racial discrimination
act which abolished poll taxes, literacy tests, etc....
event that would take place after group of protesters in Selma Alabama decided to march all the way to Montgomery, AL as a result of the voting restraints that were still intact in
Made a level playing for everyone, i.e. no more biasing/discriminating for jobs
Phrase that became popular at the Watts Riot and would become misinterpreted by most people
black nationalist and founder of Afro-American Unity is assasinated
First African-American to become a Supreme Court Judge

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