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Can you answer these questions from the video Sporcle: The Audio Book? (also from the original thread).

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In what land does the story start?
Who is the first character we are introduced to?
What land is currently ablaze because of the light?
How many demons appear?
Who does the farmer want the town to pay, according to his quick witted remark about a typo?
What is the full name of the British Navy Admiral who commands his fleet to attack Malta?
How many globes out of five were the Farmer's glistening six pack abs?
What kind of hole did the Farmer fall back into?
What is the real identity of the lead demon?
What is the box labeled as?
Who appears on a motorbike to take The Farmer away?
Who wakes up at the end realizing the whole story was a dream?
What is the name of the 'production group' that made the 'Sporcle: The Audio Book video?

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