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What was Hamilton placed in charge of at the age of 14?
In the opening song how does George Washington end the line starting 'Me, I...'?
Which of the three friends (Lafayette, Laurens, Mulligan) sings first in 'Aaron Burr, Sir'?
Which of the three friends (Lafayette, Laurens, Mulligan) sings first in 'My Shot'?
What is the name of Angelica, Eliza and Peggy's father?
What does Hamilton believe 'a tiny island across the sea' shouldn't regulate?
Name one song which is sung by King George?
Other than Nathaniel Green, who else tried to hire Hamilton to be his secretary?
What did Martha Washington name after Alexander Hamilton?
Who 'tried to take a bite' of Hamilton in 'Helpless'?
How is Hamilton's facial hair described in 'Satisfied'?
What did Aaron Burr's grandfather do for a living?
In the song 'Stay Alive' who is promoted instead of Hamilton?
What is Duel Commandment no. 2?
With what does Lafayette wish to make Redcoats redder?
In what year is the Battle of Yorktown?
To avoid giving themselves away at Yorktown, what unusual tactic does Hamilton employ?
What does Theodosia Burr inherit from her father?
How many essays does John Jay write in 'Non Stop'?
What is the final line of the first Act of the musical?
Lafayette is to Jefferson as Mulligan is to whom?
Where in the USA does Jefferson live?
What was Jefferson doing while Hamilton was almost dying in a trench?
Who does Hamilton complain 'doesn't have a real job anyway'?
What is the title of the song which introduces Maria and James Reynolds into the story?
In 'The Room Where it Happened' what do the Virginians emerge with?
What is the issue on the table in 'Cabinet Battle #2'?
What new political party is formed during 'Washington on Your Side'?
Quoting scripture, what does Washington hope everyone will one day 'sit under'?
Who is made Vice President under the Adams Administration?
What crime do Hamilton's rivals suspect him of in 'We Know'?
What is the name of the leaflet Hamilton writes, detailing his affair?
To which figure in Greek legend does Angelica liken Hamilton in 'Burn'?
On what number is Hamilton's son shot in his duel with George Eacker?
After his son's death, what does Hamilton start doing that 'never used to happen before'?
On how many different fronts does Hamilton say he and Jefferson have fought?
How does Hamilton sign off his letters to Aaron Burr?
What item of clothing does Burr take as a sign that Hamilton means to kill him?
Who does Eliza 'interview' after Hamilton's death?
What is the final line of the second Act of the musical?
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