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Can you name the Minor Characters Of A Song Of Ice And Fire III?

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Will Feed Your Manhood To The Goats
Aunt Of Jaime And Cersei
The 'Last' Of The Male Blackfyre Line
Fool Of Shireen Baratheon
Middle Son Of Mace Tyrell
Mercenary Known As The Titan's B*stard
Cuts Off Jaime's Hand
Known As Bittersteel
Goldengrove Lord Who Sends Dareon To The Wall
Cook At The House Of Black And White
Captain Of Ned Stark's Guards
Castellan Of Storm's End
Chief Undergaoler In King's Landing
Infant B*stard Of Robert Baratheon
Kingsguard Killed In King's Landing Riot
Dyer's Apprentice En-Route To Wall With Arya
Commander Of The Shadow Tower
Kills The High Septon For Cersei
Facially-Deformed Ironborn Captain
Northern Lord Killed At Duskendale
Escorts Brienne To The Whispers
Winterfell Kennelmaster
Attempts To Poison Melisandre's Wine
Archmaester Who Heads To Daenerys
'Maegi' Of The Lhazareen
Bow-User Of Daenerys' Bloodriders
Lover Of Asha Greyjoy
Riverlord Embroiled In Dispute With Blackwoods
Complicit In The Red Wedding, Mother Of Queen Jeyne
Houndmaster Who Plots A Nights Watch Mutiny
Daughter Of Lord Nestor Who Befriends Alayne
B*stard Daughter Of Gerion Lannister
Accompanies Jaime And Brienne
Mummer Sent To The Wall With Jon Snow
Lord Of Riverrun And Paramount Of The Trident
Second Wife Of Jorah Mormont
The Cruelest Of Drogo's Bloodriders
Knight Known As Darkstar
The B*stard Of Godsgrace Who Beds Arianne
Heir To The Vale Of Arryn
Aerys' Penultimate Hand
Alchemist Who Makes Wildfire For Tyrion
Member Of The Thirteen In Qarth
The Old Man Of Oldtown
Shadowbinder Who Propheises For Daenarys
The Shavepate
Myrish Woman Who Shared Cersei's Bed
Red Preist Who Victarion Picks Up
Jon Arryn's Squired Killed By Gregor Clegane
Warg Who Controls Six Beasts

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