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Can you name the Minor Characters Of A Song Of Ice And Fire?

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Promiscuous Wife Of Lancel Lannister
Exiled Summer Islands Prince
Knight Who Owns A Monkey
Red Keep Master-At-Arms
Tywin's Replacement As Hand During Aerys' Reign
Theon's Castellan When Hunting Bran And Rickon
Carries, And Later, As A Wight, Attacks Sam
Cook Of The Night's Watch
Cressen's Replacement At Dragonstone
Lannister Bannerman Who Drowns At Stone Mill
Captain Of The Guard At Riverrun
Disappears During King's Landing Riot
Father Of Ramsay Bolton's Bride
Fishmonger Who Arya Briefly Works For
Ally Of Victarion Made Lord Of Oakenshield
Mother Of Theon And Asha
Knightly Kitten Owned By Tommen
Eyrie Guard Captain Killed By Bronn
Singer Who Witnesses Tyrion And Shae
Mother Of Four Of The Sand Snakes
Wife Of Mace Tyrell
Younger Brother Of Sam Tarly
Leader Of The Holy Hundred
Proposed Replacement For Pycelle
Slayer Of Lommy Greenhands
BWB Member And Son Of Hullen
Squire Of Beric Dondarrion
Kingsguard Commander Killed In Tower Of Joy
Heir Of Wyman Manderly
Ranger And Youngest Son Of Yohn Royce
Treacherous Karhold Castellan
Only Trueborn Offspring Of Roose Bolton
Envoy To Stannis From Iron Bank Of Braavos
Janos Slynt's Recommendation For His Replacement
Unleashes Grey Wind At The Red Wedding
Offered To Jaime As A Hostage By Lord Tytos
Captain Of The Cinnamon Wind
Perfumed Seneschal Of Meereen
Handmaiden Of Daenerys Who Offers Sex Training
Son Of Davos Who Serves With Him On Black Betha
The B*stard Of Driftmark
Father Of Osmund, Osney And Osfryd
Dwarven Brother Of Penny
Commander Of The Warrior's Sons
Mother Of Rhaegar, Viserys And Daenarys
Former Golden Company Commander
Psychotic Jester From The Brave Companions
Accompanies The Lords Declarant
Admiral Of Daenarys' Fleet
Northman Known As Crowsfood

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