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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters Cut From The Film Series?

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Error-Prone Death Eater
Head Of The Department Of Magical Games And Sports
Centaur Of The Forbidden Forest
Hogwarts' Only Ghost Teacher
Unspeakable Killed By Devils Snare
Male Ravenclaw DA Member
Younger Brother Of Camera-Obsessed Colin
Muggle-BornHead Of The Goblin Liaison Office
Exposes Dumbledore's Army To Umbridge
Grandfather Of Voldemort
Mother Of Voldemort
Uncle Of Voldemort
House Elf Of Former Cup Horcrux Owner
Witch Who Takes The Dursleys Into Hiding
Witch Who Goes Missing In Albania
Neville's Grandmother
Centaur Of The Forbidden Forest
Head Of The Wizarding Examinations Authority
Slytherin Chaser And Later Quidditch Captain
Egyptian Quidditch Referee
Memory Used To Expose Harry To The Gaunts
Hogwarts Resident Poltergeist
Order Member Caught Trying To Break Into The DOM
Muggle Campsite Owner
Centaur Of The Forbidden Forest
Death Eater And Former Unspeakable
Owner Of The Cup Horcrux Before Voldemort
Bellatrix And Narcissa's Sister
Muggleborn Father Of Nymphadora
House Elf Belonging To Barty Crouch Sr.

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