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1899-1980Director Of 'Rear Window'
1809-1892Forefather Of Evolution Theory
1925-PresentThe 'Iron Lady'
1915-2000Pro Footballer Until The Age Of 50
1847-1922Inventor Of The Telephone
1887-1976WW2 Field Marshal
1933-Present'You're Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off'
1632-1723Architect Of St. Paul's Cathedral
1564-1616Playwright Known As 'The Bard'
1759-1833Notable Slavery Abolitionist
1859-1930Creator Of 'Sherlock Holmes'
1953-PresentWriter Of 'Watchmen'
1883-1946Primary Influence On Modern Economics
1880-1912'I Am Just Going Outside And May Be Some Time'
1889-1977The Little Tramp
1806-1859Builder Of The Great Western Railway
1955-PresentInventor Of The World Wide Web
1758-1805'England Expects Every Man To Do His Duty'
1947-Present'Life On Mars' and 'Ashes To Ashes' Singer
1940-1980Beatle And Peace Activist
1961-Present'You Know What I Mean 'Arry?'
1874-1965Cigar-Chomping Prime Minister
1791-1867Discovered The Magnetic Field
1632-1704Philosopher Who Has A Namesake On 'Lost'
1955-PresentCricketer Known As 'Beefy'
1941-1993World Cup Winning Captain
1952-2001'Hitchhikers Guide' Creator
1925-1984Married Twice To Elizabeth Taylor
1940-Present'Whats New Pussycat' Singer
1929-1975Only Driver To Win The 'Triple Crown Of Motorsport'
1960-Present1986 World Cup Gold Boot Winner
1857-1934Composer Of The 'Enigma Variations'
1881-1955Discovered Penicillin Extraction
1989-Present2011 US Open Champion
1478-1535The 'Man For All Seasons'
1157-1199Crusader Known As 'The Lionheart'
1941-PresentManager Of Manchester United Since 1986
1906-1984'Come Friendly Bombs And Fall On Slough'
1946-PresentNemesis Of Harry Potter And John McClane
1776-1837Dedham Vale Landscape Painter
1937-PresentPainter Of Swimming Pools
1923-PresentXylophone-Playing Astronomer
1100-1159Only English Pope
1942-PresentDirector Of 'Alien' and 'Prometheus'
1728-1779Discoverer Of Australia And Hawaii
1921-1984'Just Like That' Magician
1642-1727Gravity Theorist
1895-1947Occultist And 'Thelema' Founder
1959-PresentDies In Nearly Every Film He Is Ever In
1908-1964'James Bond' Author
1558-1603Final Tudor Monarch
1947-PresentNewsreader Who Shares A Name With Game Of Thrones Character
1769-1852Victor Of The Battle Of Waterloo
1955-Present'Blackadder' And 'Mr Bean' Actor
1930-PresentUses A Scottish Accent In EVERY Film
1980-Present2012 Tour De France Winner
1812-1852Parlimentary Architect
1950-Present'Virgin' Businessman
1775-1851Romantic Landscape Painter And Watercolourist
1905-1998Builder Of First Electric Computer
1540-1596Second Circumnavigator Of Earth
1850-1916WW1 Field Marshal
1947-Present'Rocket Man' Singer
1907-1996Jet Engine Inventor
1942-PresentBeatles and Wings Member
1908-1995First To Photo WW2 Death Camps
1852-1902'De Beers' Founder
1957-Present'My Left Foot' and 'The Boxer' Actor
1966-PresentExperimental Chef
1791-1871Mathematician Who Created First Mechanical Computer
1928-Present'Nice To See You, To See You....'
1926-PresentNatural History Broadcaster
1939-PresentThree Time Formula One World Champion
1832-1898'Alice In Wonderland' Author
1946-2005One Of Manchester United's 'Holy Trinity'
1940-PresentOne Of Manchester United's 'Holy Trinity'
1937-PresentOne Of Manchester United's 'Holy Trinity'
1775-1817'Pride And Prejudice' Author
1938-Present'Day Of The Jackal' and 'Odessa File' Author
1941-PresentNoted Evolutionary Theorist
1759-1796The Bard Of Ayrshire
1658-1719Bank Of England Founder
1949-PresentSwinging Sixties Supermodel
1929-PresentFirst Runner To Achieve A Four Minute Mile
1937-Present'I Ate His Liver, With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti'
1931-2006First Bowler To Take 300 Test Wickets
1941-PresentFive Time Le Mans Winner
1976-PresentLong Distance Yachtswoman
1968-2007First British World Rally Champion
1804-1881Only Jewish Prime Minister
1907-1989'Rebecca' and 'Sleuth' Actor
1970-Present'The Dark Knight' and 'Inception' Director
1874-1952Second Officer On The Titanic
1942-PresentWriter Of 'A Brief History Of Time'
1948-Present'Discworld' Author

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