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Year Of ReleaseBook TitlePlot Summary
1969A first hand account of the Nigerian Civil War, interspersed with opinions, interviews and accounts.
1971A professional assassin is contracted by French terrorists to assassinate Charles De Gaulle. Adapted into a film starring Edward Fox and Michael Lonsdale.
1972A German reporter, after reading the diary of a recently deceased Holocaust survivor, attempts to locate a Nazi war criminal. Adapted into a film starring Jon Voight
1974A company of European mercenaries are hired by a British industralist to depose an African government. Adapted into a film starring Christopher Walken.
1975A pilot loses his way en-route to Britain from Germany, and is shepherded home by a mysterious fellow pilot.
1979With Soviet food crops destroyed, the USA is willing to assist in exchange for concessions, but hardliners in the Politburo have other ideas, seeking to obtain food through an invasion of Europe.
1982A biography of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, a Nigerian secessionist whose declaration of independence led to the Nigerian civil war.
1982A collection of short stories, including 'There Are No Snakes In Ireland' and 'The Emperor'
1984Russians plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on British soil in an attempt to remove American presence from Western Europe, whilst MI5 must stop them. Adapted into a film starring Michael Caine and Pierce Brosnan.
Year Of ReleaseBook TitlePlot Summary
1989Against the backdrop of a US-Russia arms reduction treaty, the world's foremost hostage negotiator must deal with a kidnapping and investigate the crime, which is deeper as it would first seem
1991In the aftermath of the Cold War, a British agent's future is decided at a hearing, wherein four of his past operations are reviewed.
1994In the first Gulf War, allied forces learn of an Iraqi secret weapon, which an SAS operative is sent to investigate, find and destroy.
1996With the Russian Federation in turmoil, a visionary patriot promises to restore Russia's prosperity if elected. His secret manifesto is discovered by the British, however, revealing his Nazi views, and an ex-CIA agent is smuggled into Russia to thwart his election efforts.
1999A sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber musical The Phantom Of The Opera.
2001A collection of short stories, including 'The Art Of The Matter' and 'Whispering Wind'
2003A Vietnam veteran is hired by a billionaire to avenge his grandson's death at the hands of a Serbian war criminal holed up in the United Arab Emirates, who is giving warning of events by the CIA.
2006A raid against Al Qaeda reveals cryptic information about a future terrorist attack. To discover more, an SAS operative is sent undercover amongst the terrorists, taking the identity of a prisoner held in Guantanamo Bay.
2010The US president decides to put an end to the international cocaine trade, giving operatives a blank cheque to complete the task by any means necessary.

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