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'Whatever, like you have a plan'
'Allow me to shatter your delusions of grandeur'
'After I finish my drink, I'm gonna kick your butt'
'Fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering'
'Like hell, I'm fine!!'
'Ooh, soft'
'Maybe we don't exist'
'I... I am empty now...'
'I never asked you to come along. Quit complaining'
'Thats no way to treat a lady!'
'I find this rain quite pleasant'
'Oh yeah! You're one bad actor'
'Bah, only a flesh wound'
'Good guess, but no... Actually, I met a lovely lady at the pub...'
'And if you don't think I'm a ladies' man, you're wrong'
'A veritable emergency of terrible urgency!'
'This rock edible, maybe I taste it'
'Trouble we are in!'
'All life constitutes an intelligence that holds memory beyond experience'

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