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Can you name the Characters Of Final Fantasy IX?

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Former Security Guard
Minister Of Lindblum
Heavy User Of Superslick
First Boss Of The Game
There's Three Of Them
Wears An Eyepatch
Gets Turned To Stone
Royalty Who Is Certainly Not A MILF
Adulterous Oglop
Yellow, Light Blue, Red, Dark Blue Then Gold
A Fan Of South Cake Bundt Cake
Former Tutor Of The Princess
Lives With Moogles
Pilot Of The Hilda Garde III
'Bin Spending Most His Life, Livin' In Chocobos Paradise'
Amnesiac Dragon Knight
Not Helga, Christine Or Rachel
First Appeared In Final Fantasy I
Chops Her Hair Off In Disc 3
Alleyway Jack Ain't His Real Name
Ultimate Synthesist
Has Airships Named After Her
Racing Him To Level 70 Is A Nightmare
Inept Group Of Nine
Antagonist Who Looks Like A Crossdresser
Moogles Say His Name A Lot
Axe-Wielding Bounty Hunter
Dresses As A Moogle Occasionally
Plays The Lead In Tantalus' Play
Charges You To Dig For Treasure
The Third 'Angel Of Death'
Moogle Who Is Actually An Eidolon
Gets Pissed Off If You Call Him Too Often
Coffee Afonciado
Final Boss Of The Game
You Can Play A Gambling Minigame With Them
Pain In The Arse Secret Boss
Royalty Disguised As Street Urchin
Secret Boss When 99 Frogs Are Captured
Lived In A Dwelling Near Treno
Catcher Of Frogs
Actress With An Inexplicable Texas Drawl
Mount Of The Black Mage's Creator
Collector Of Stellazzio
Posesses Some Rather Rusty Armour
Nomadic Moogle
Faceless Staff-Wielder
Airship Engineer
Shares His Name With A French Footballer
Like To Finish Each Others Sentences

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