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Can you name the franchises owned by EA Games?

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Co-Op Shooter
Historical And Modern Shooter
God Simulation With Fighting And Strategy
Spielberg-Designed Puzzler
Crash-Orientated Racing Simulation
Real-Time Strategy
Nanosuit-Orientated Shooter
Space-Based Survival Horror
Comedy Action RPG
Hip-Hop Fighting
Fantasy RPG
Dungeon Management Simulation
Football (Soccer) Simulation
Boxing Simulation
Licensed From Rowling's Novels
Shaken, But Not Stirred
Fishy Spy Spoof
Zombie-Killing Survival Horror
Licensed From Tolkien's Novels
American Football Simulation
Sci-Fi RPG Third Person Shooter
Free-Running Adventure
Mostly WW2-Set Shooter
Redneck Racing Simulation
Basketball Simulation
College American Football Simulation
Often Street-Focused Racing
Ice Hockey Simulation
Civilisation Management Simulation
Arcade Motorbike Racing
Multi-Instrument Music Simulation
Settlement Management Simulation
Licensed From Groening's Series
Life Simulation
Skateboarding Simulation
Species-Development Simulation
Arcade-Style Snowboarding Simulation
Medical Management Simulation
Golf Simulation
Humour-Orientated Shooter
Fantasy MMORPG
Space Combat Simulation

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