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AMonkey That Lives In The Air Vents
BFirst Name Of Senor Chang
C'Original British Version' Of Cougar Town
DRoom Of Imagination
EChang's Self-Professed Nickname
FProfessor Garrity's All-Black Stage Production
GName Of The College
HPierce And Cornelius
IAbed's Favourite British TV Show
JOscar-Winning Regular Cast Member
KPunches With The Power Of Kicks
LStar Trek Actor. Troy's Idol.
MPop Pop!
NCountry Leonard Once Fought For
OPatton Who Plays Nurse Jackie
PJeff's Fictional Conspiracy Tutor
QStudent In Possession Of A Name More Commonly Spelt With A K
RThe Inspector's Constable Partner
SClass In Which The Study Group Meet
TWebsite That Hosts 'Oldwhitemansays'
UEpisode Title - Basic Lupine .......
VOne Time Boyfriend Of Both Britta And Annie
WJeff's Surname
YActress Who Plays Shirley
ZPeople Turn Into Them In 'Epidemiology'

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