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1916__ becomes Prime Minister following the resignation of Herbert Asquith
1916More than 1 million soliders die in the Battle Of __
1917The army kill 10000 Germans in the deadliest non-nuclear attack in history as part of the __
1917A royal procolomation, declaring that all descendents of the Royal Family will have the surname __, is made
1918Women over the age of __ are given the vote for the first time
1918The __ is formed by the merger of the RFC and the RNAS
1919The __ is unveiled in London to commemerate the country's war dead
1919The __is formally signed by Germany and the four principal allied powers (including the UK)
1920The __, also known as The Sweeney, branch of the Metropolitan Police is established
1920The __ opens in Crystal Palace, later moving to Southwark
1921The __ is signed by the British Government and Irish representatives including Michael Collins
1921__ is established as a province with the United Kingdom
1922The __ is formed as a broadcaster
1922The __ peaks at its largest, covering one quarter of the world's popularion
1923The burial chamber of __ is unsealed by archeologist Howard Carter in Egypt
1923__ stadium is opened for the first time
1924__ briefly becomes the first Labour Prime Minister
1924Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams win Olympic Gold medals in a story later immortalised in the film __
1925Renowned explorer __ disappears in the Amazon, never to be seen again
1925__ gives the first ever public presentation of television
1926The __ lasts for nine days, as 1.7 million workers walk out
1926Author __ disappears for 11 days in a widely-reported mystery case
1927The Pleasue Garden, the first feature length film directed by __ is released
1927The final __ story is published by Arthur Conan Doyle
1928__ discovers penicillin
1928The __ is completed and published in full after 70 years of work
1929The first __ store opens in Burnt Oak, Barnet
1929__ begins service as an airfield for the first time
1930__ patents the first ever jet engine design
1930__ newspaper publishes its first crossword
1931The __ is devised and issued to motorists for the first time
1931The __ is established by Parliament, establishing equality between self-governing dominions
1932George V delivers the first __, which becomes a Christmas tradition
1932The first ever __ chocolate is manufactured in Slough
1933__ is born as Maurice Micklewhite
1933Pharmaceutical company __ returns to family ownership after previously being sold to an American firm
1934The hoax 'surgeon's photograph' of the __ is published
1934266 miners are killed in a gas explosion in __, Wrexham
1935T.E. Lawrence's __ is published
1935__ wins the Nobel Prize In Physics for discovering the neutron
1936__ abdicates the throne
1936__ opens its doors to films in Buckinghamshire
1937__ is coronated as King
1937The __ first proposes the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arabic states
1938__ signs the Munich Agreement, appeasing Nazi Germany
1938Noted psychoanalyst __ takes up residence in London after fleeing Nazi Austria
1939Britain and France declare war on Germany after their invasion of __
1939The so-called __ begins as 8 months pass with little combat between the UK/France and Germany
1940British forces evacuate Europe through the French port of __
1940__ replaces Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister
1941German submarine U-110 is captured with its __ intact
1941The German battleship __ is sunk by the Royal Navy
1942The second battle of __ is a major turning point in the African campaign
1942Infamous double agent __ begins working for MI5
1943The RAF's 617 Squadron, otherwise known as the __, drop bouncing bombs on Germany
1943Allied forces led by General __ invade Italy
1944The Winter Line is Italy falls during the battle of __
1944British forces land at __ and Sword beaches on D-Day
1945John Maynard Keynes secures the 2% $3.75 __ to rebuild the country's postwar economy. The last payment is made in 2006.
1945__ becomes the first post-WW2 Prime Minister
1946The __ is nationalised after being in private ownership since 1694
1946__, Buckinghamshire is designated as the first post-WW2 'new town'
1947The __ is reformed after initial disbandment following WW2
1947Independence is granted to __, with Jawaharlal Nehru becoming the first Prime Minister
1948The __ is officially founded, creating universal healthcare
1948A twelve year guerilla war erupts in the colony of __
1949Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by __, is released
1949The __, made up of ex-colonies, is formally consitututed,
1950__ is convicted of passing on atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union
1950__ hosts the first ever Formula One World Championship race
1951__ begins broadcasting on the Light Programme (Radio 4), continuing to this day
1951The __ is established as Britain's first National Park
1952Computer scientist __ is prosecuted for his homosexuality
1952The __ Uprising begins in Kenya
1953The coronation of __ takes place
1953Colonel John Hunt leads the expedition that leads to the succesful ascent of __ for the first time
1954__ presents natural history programming for the first time
1954__ becomes the first person to run a four minute mile
1955The third and final volume of J.R.R. Tolkien's __ is published
1955__ begin operations as the first competitor to the BBC
1956Noted frogman __ vanishes whilst observing a Soviet submarine
1956Britain, France and Israel invade Egypt to re-seize the __, nationalised by President Nasser
1957Panorama's infamous __ report is believed to be the first April Fool's joke on television
1957The Consumers Association begin publishing __? magazine
1958__begins airing, becoming the longest-running children's TV show in the world
19588 Manchester United players perish in a plane crash in the German city of __
1959The first section of the __ is opened, connecting Rugby and Watford
1959Leads the Conservatives to a 100-majority victory in his first General Election as leader
1960Conscription, known as __ ends
1960Soap __ begins airing
1961The __ scandal involving Christine Keeler takes place
1961__ release their first single, My Bonnie
1962__ are formed in London
1962Ian Fleming's __ is adapted to screen for the first time
1963__ defects to the Soviet Union, arguably the most notable individual to do so
1963The publication of the __ eventually leads to the closure of 55% of the country's train stations
1964Verdicts are passed on ten men for their role in __
1964__ becomes the first 'pirate radio' station
1965__ becomes the first British driver to win two Formula One World Championships
1965__ retires from football after a 33 year career
1966___ captains England to World Cup victory
1966The phrase __ is used by Time to describe the culture of the capital for the first time
1967British forces withdraw from __ after a four year conflict
1967The __ jump jet makes its first flight
1968Car manufacturer __ is formed by a merger, building Minis, Land Rovers and Jaguars amongst others
1968Enoch Powell makes his anti-immigration __ speech, resulting in his dismissal from the Shadow Cabinet
1969Gangsters the __ are convincted to life imprisonment
1969__'s Flying Circus airs for the first time
1970__ festival is held for the first time
1970__ is started as a business by Richard Branson
1971The process of __ takes place, changing the country's money system
1971The __ disaster results in the death of 66 football supporters in Scotland
197226 civilians are shot in Northern Ireland in an event that becomes known as __
197250000 Ugandan Asians arrive in the UK after being expelled by dictator __
1973The UK joins the __, the precursor of the EU
1973Pink Floyd release __, which becomes the all-time top selling album by a British artist
1974The __ is introduced as a response to the energy crisis
1974__ is founded as the country's 'national' airline
1975Queen release __, their top selling song of all time
1975The __ are wrongly convicted for two pub bombings
1976Britain and Iceland clash at sea in what becomes known as the __ over fishing rights
1976Punk band __ release their debut single, Anarchy In The UK
1977__ conducts four notable interviews with disgraced American President Richard Nixon
1977__ achieves his third and final Grand National victory
1978Bulgarian dissident __ is assassinated in London
1978The __ results in widespread strikes and economic difficulties
1979__ is assassinated by the IRA
1979__ is elected Prime Minister for the first of three times
1980__ becomes the final African colony to formally gain independence
1980The SAS storm the __ after 20 hostages are taken
1981__, starring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, airs for the first time
1981__, the Yorkshire Ripper, is apprehended after killing 13 victims
1982The country goes to war with Argentina over the __ Islands
1982__ begins broadcasting, airing Countdown as its first show
1983The Labour election manifesto is described as __ by Gerald Kaufman
1983__ is decomissioned but remains one of London's most notable buildings
1984A strike is undertaken by the National Union Of Mineworkers led by __
1984The IRA conduct a bombing of the Grand Hotel in __
19852 days of rioting take place in __, Lambeth
1985__ concert in London is held for the benefit of African famine
1986Alan Moore's __is published.
1986__ is the top scorer in the World Cup finals
198722-death Great Storm infamously debunked by __
1987__, developers of Grand Theft Auto, founded
1988Pan Am Flight 103 is bombed over the town of __, killing 270
1988Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry's __ charity airs its first Red Nose Day
198994 fans are killed in a crush during an FA Cup semi-final at __ stadium
1989A fatwa is infamously placed on __ after the publication of his book, the Satanic Verses
1990The __, also known as the Poll Tax, is instrumental in the downfall of Margaret Thatcher
1990__ infamously cries after being booked in the 1990 World Cup semi final
1991__ develops the Internet into a mass medium
1991__ becomes the first Briton to visit space
1992The __ is formed after 22 top clubs split from the Football League
1992The Pound is forcibly withdrawn from the ERM mechanism, becoming known as __
1993The Railways Act leads to the gradual privitisation of __
1993__ takes on Lennox Lewis in an all-British bout for the WBC Heavyweight Championship
1994Operated by Camelot, the __ launches
1994The __ is completed, connecting Britain and France by rail
1995__ kicks a spectator in the head during a football match
1995__ almost singlehandedly bankrupts Barings Bank
1996__ becomes the first mammal to be born from cloned cells
1996Sixteen children and a teacher are killed in a school shooting in __, Scotland
1997Administration of __ returns to China
1997__ appears on bookshelves for the first time in The Philsophers Stone
1998__ becomes the first British retailer to post a turnover of £1 billion
199829 people are killed by bombings in __, Northern Ireland, by the Real IRA
1999__ achieve 'The Treble', winning the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League
1999The devolved __ and Welsh Assembly begin operating
2000__ wins his fifth successive Olympic gold medal in rowing
2000Dr. __ is found guilty of murdering more than 250 of his patients
2001The __ biome complex opens in Cornwall
2001The UK joins the USA in the global __ following the 9/11 attacks in New York
2002The end of the agricultural __ crisis is declared after 11 months
2002Military forces are withdrawn from __ after 2 year intervention in Civil War
2003Anglo-French supersonic jet __ is retired
2003__ appears to commit suicide, resulting in the Hutton Inquiry
2004A coroners inquest is opened into the death of __, 7 years after her passing
2004__, the largest building in the City of London, opens
2005Sci-fi drama __ returns to television screens after a 16 year absence
2005Three terrorist attacks take place on the __, with the fourth on a London bus
2006Fugitive Russian FSB agent __ is assassinated in London
2006£53 million is stolen from the __ depot in Kent, the largest heist in British history
2007Retailer __ airs the first of its notable annual Christmas adverts
2007Sports show __ is shown for the last time after 49 years on air
2008__ defeats Ken Livingstone to become the first Conservative Mayor of London
2008Retailer __ enters administration after 99 years of business
2009Construction begins on __, the tallest building in the European Union
2009Settlement rights are given to the Nepalese __
2010__ is elected Prime Minister, ending 13 years of Labour rule
2010__ makes the first papal visit to the UK in 28 years
2011Kate Middleton marries __ in a ceremony watched by 36.7 million
2011The __ is launched to investigate the News International phone hacking scandal
2012__ becomes the first British competitor to win the Tour de France
2012Great Britain win __ gold medals at their home Olympics
2013__ becomes the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1936
2013The body of __ is officially confirmed discovered in Leicester
201455.3% of voters in __ vote against independence from the UK
2014Brighton-based YouTuber __'s channel becomes the most viewed of all time
2015__ becomes fully privatised after 499 years of public ownership
2015__ hits the UK, leading to extensive flooding

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