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Name the two new types in this Gen
The Poké Ball you obtain from Kurt if you give him a Blue Apricorn
What you use to call home
Pokémon # 200
City where you get the Map Card
Location where you encounter Ho-oh
Karen's Type specialty
A new member of the Kanto Gym Leaders
The special item used to encounter Suicune (In Crystal only)
Where you can obtain the second 'Wing' for Ho-oh or Lugia (In Silver or Gold/Crystal, respectively)
The weakness of Kingdra
Dunsparce is found here
An Electric-Type, baby Pokémon
Question Answer
A pure, Normal-Type found by Headbutting trees
The name of the Gym Leader for Olivine City.
The location that Oak opens when you get all 16 badges
The only pure Dark-type of this Gen
Pokémon that had a change in typing from Gen I to Gen II
The only Pokémon family that is Silver-exclusive (You can find either on Gold or Crystal)
The route with the Day Care Center
Where you find Wesley on Wednesday
TM 50
Held Item that only appeared in this Gen that received no alternative item to replace it
The name of the badge that Morty gives you.
A new Pokémon that is evolved from a stone

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