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QUIZ: Can you name the Pokémon Quiz (Gen I)?

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Known as the Shellfish Pokémon
Trade this Pokémon for a Jynx in Red and Blue
A Pokémon that learns Pin Missile
TM 01
Pokémon Red has this cover mascot
The Pokémon with the lowest base HP stat
An important HM for the victory road cave
What you get if you finish the Safari Zone
A Pokémon that evolves with a Fire Stone
A weakness of Moltres
The Route where you meet Bill
A particular Grass-type that you find only south of Pallet Town (Red and Blue only)
The heaviest Rock-type Pokémon
The city where you get Squirtle (Yellow only)
HM 05
A Poison-Ground type Pokemon
Pokemon #40
The only place to find Magmar (Blue only)
What you get from the rival's sister
Tri Attack's TM #

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