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Can you name the following lesser known facts or characters from the Second World War?

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Roosevelt's sickly advisor entrusted with most delicate diplomatic missions
Omaha beach photographer most of whose shots were destroyed.
Rescued Mussolini and led American-speaking German disruption effort during the Bulge
Large country Churchill worked tirelessly to bring into Allied fold, but which remained neutral until nearly the end of the war.
Beloved journalist killed on the island of Ie Shima near the end of the war.
General McAuliffe of 'Nuts!' fame was subbing for this future Ambassador to Vietnam
Hemingway called the bloody but fairly indecisive battle in this forest at the German/Belgian border 'Passchendaele with tree bursts.'
Patton's revolver grips were made of this material
Stalin had Zhukov and this marshal competing for the honor of capturing Berlin
Operation 'Downfall' was the code name for the overall invasion of Japanese main islands. This operation was to be the first phase of it.
He piloted the Enola Gay on its mission to Hiroshima.
The Sturmgewehr 44 was this type of German weapon.
Where the British codebreakers worked
The name of the bridge at Remagen
Country in which his actions won Audie Murphy the Medal of Honor
'Scratch one flattop,' was uttered during this battle.
He was Monty's superior as C-in-C of British forces in Africa
'Stalin's Organ' and 'Screaming Meemies' were this type of weapon.
Assassinated in Czechoslovakia in 1942 by British-trained infiltrators
This British attack at this location in the Mediterranean convinced Japanese planners that an air-launched torpedo attack on Pearl Harbor was feasible

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