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Can you name the ways US military members refer to these?

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The date one is discharged (three letters)
In basic training, the euphemism for when a unit is called to do chores such as scrub latrines
The three letters an army soldier uses when dismayed at orders or duties
The document given at discharge that one is warned to take very good care of.
In marching cadences, this is the guy who is back home with your girl.
Viet Cong, phonetically
In Iraq or Afghanistan, the enemy or locals
In the Navy, Captain's Mast. In the army, non-judicial punishment
According to marines, how many ex-marines they know
In Nam, what jet fighers/attack planes were often called
Tricky one: an NCO is leading a unit march. S/he suddenly realizes that the first rank is one step from falling off a cliff. What is the one command that can be given to save them?
What is an FNG?
E-6. O-4, etc. are not ranks. They are...?
The Iroqois helicopter was better known as the ...
A Navy captain is the equivalent of an army
In the army, an 11-B is a(n)
The rifle the M-16 replaced
Slang for putting one's weapon on full auto
The place where servicemembers learn foreign languages
What a soldier is told never to call his/her rifle

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