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Can you name the historical figures whose names are jumbled here? (Some full name, some first & last, some just last)?

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'Nineties' This fellow lived a 'relatively' long time, but died before his nineties.
'Revealed: Who slay.' And slay he did. And then when he was slain while in custody, we saw it on TV.
'I'll crunch this now.' Actually, he preferred chewing his cigar to crunching.
'A curt harm.' He did much harm to the Japanese, North Koreans and Chinese.
'Oh Man! Brain call.' Maybe the first words of his doctor on an April night nearly 150 years ago.
'Lo, my wank is nice!' Maybe this was her come-on to the president.
'Casual juries.' He was 'brutally' stabbed to death without a formal jury trial.
'I'm honkie.' Actually, he was a Shiite cleric.
'Gory moment.' He probably saw many of these as a WWII general/field marshal fighting Germans
'Oh! Inch him.' Maybe this was his strategy to outlast US forces in his country.
'Atoms do shine.' Atoms weren't his thing, but he pretty much invented 'shine'.
'A damn alien S.O.B.' He didn't eat pork and hated the sound of seals.

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