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Can you name the players who scored 5 or more goals in one Champions League Season?

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2013 Real Madrid, Portugal
2013 Galatasaray, Turkey
2013 FC Barcelona, Argentina
2013Sporting Braga, Brazil
2013Valencia, Brazil
2013Paris Saint-Germain, Argentina
2013Borussia Dortmund, Poland
2013Chelsea FC, Brazil
2012FC Barcelona, Argentina
2012Bayern Munich, Germany
2012Real Madrid, Portugal
2012Real Madrid, France
2012Chelsea FC, Ivory Coast
2012Real Madrid, Spain
2012Napoli, Uruguay
2012CSKA Moscow, Ivory Coast
2012FC Basel, Switzerland
2012Lyon, France
2012AC Milan, Sweden
2012Zenit, Russia
2012Valencia, Spain
2011FC Barcelona, Argentina
2011Internazionale, Cameroon
2011Bayern Munich, Germany
2011Chelsea FC, France
2011Real Madrid, France
2011Real Madrid, Portugal
2011Valencia, Spain
2011FC Barcelona, Spain
2011Schalke 04, Spain
2010FC Barcelona, Argentina
2010Real Madrid, Portugal
2010Bayern Munich, Croatia
2010Internazionale, Argentina
2010Arsenal, Denmark
2010Bordeaux, Morocco
2010Manchester United, England
2009FC Barcelona, Argentina
2009Liverpool, England
2009Bayern Munich, Germany
2009FC Porto, Argentina
2009Arsenal, Togo
2009Lyon, France
2009Juventus, Italy
2009Chelsea FC, Ivory Coast
2009FC Barcelona, France
2009Arsenal, Netherlands
2008Manchester United, Portugal
2008Chelsea FC, Ivory Coast
2008Liverpool, Spain
2008Liverpool, England
2008FC Barcelona, Argentina
2008Liverpool, Netherlands
2008Fenerbahce, Brazil
2008Internazionale, Sweden
2008Sevilla, Mali
2008Liverpool, Netherlands
2008Real Madrid, Spain
2008AS Roma, Montenegro
2007AC Milan, Brazil
2007Chelsea FC, Ivory Coast
2007Liverpool, England
2007Valencia, Spain
2007Real Madrid, Netherlands
2007Real Madrid, Spain
2006AC Milan, Ukraine
2006FC Barcelona, Brazil
2006FC Barcelona, Cameroon
2006Juventus, France
2006Internazionale, Brazil
2006Arsenal, France
2006AC Milan, Brazil
2006Werder Bremen, France
2005Manchester United, Netherlands
2005Internazionale, Brazil
2005Bayern Munich, Netherlands
2005AC Milan, Argentina
2005AC Milan, Ukraine
2005Lyon, France
2005Chelsea FC, Ivory Coast
2005Lyon, Ghana
2005Arsenal, France
2005Werder Bremen, Croatia
2005Liverpool, Spain
2005Internazionale, Nigeria
2005Fenerbahce, Turkey
2004AS Monaco, Spain
2004AS Monaco, Croatia
2004Bayern Munich, Netherlands
2004Deportivo la Coruna, Uruguay
2004Marseille, Ivory Coast
2004Arsenal, France
2004Lyon, Brazil
2004FC Porto, South Africa
2004Galatasaray, Turkey
2003Manchester United, Netherlands
2003AC Milan, Italy
2003Internazionale, Argentina
2003Real Madrid, Spain
2003Deportivo la Coruna, Netherlands
2003Borussia Dortmund, Czech Republic
2003Arsenal, France
2003FC Barcelona, Argentina
2003Real Madrid, Brazil
2003Newcastle United, England
2003Lyon, Brazil
2003Maccabi Haifa, Nigeria
2003Valencia, Norway
2003Juventus, Italy
2003Manchester United, Wales
2003FC Basel, Argentina
2003Real Madrid, Spain
2003AFC Ajax, Sweden
2003FC Barcelona, Netherlands
2003Juventus, Czech Republic
2003FC Basel, Argentina
2002Manchester United, Netherlands
2002Manchester United, Norway
2002Juventus, France
2002Arsenal, France
2002Bayer Leverkusen, Germany
2002Deportivo la Coruna, Spain
2002Bayern Munich, Brazil
2002FC Barcelona, Netherlands
2002Panathinaikos, Cyprus
2002Real Madrid, Spain
2002Manchester United, England
2002FC Barcelona, Spain
2002Bayer Leverkusen, Germany
2001Real Madrid, Spain
2001Leeds United, England
2001Bayern Munich, Brazil
2001Real Madrid, Spain
2001Galatasaray, Brazil
2001FC Barcelona, Brazil
2001Manchester United, England
2001AS Monaco, Italy
2001Paris Saint-Germain, France
2001Paris Saint-Germain, France
2001Juventus, Italy
2001Rosenborg, Norway
2001Valencia, Spain
2001Lazio, Argentina
2001Real Madrid, Portugal
2001Deportivo la Coruna, Uruguay
2001Anderlecht, Canada
2001Bayern Munich, Germany
2001Manchester United, England
2001AC Milan, Ukraine
2001Leeds United, England
2000FC Porto, Brazil
2000Real Madrid, Spain
2000FC Barcelona, Brazil
2000Lazio, Italy
2000Chelsea FC, Norway
2000Dinamo Kiev, Ukraine
2000FC Barcelona, Netherlands
2000Bayern Munich, Brazil
2000Manchester United, Ireland
2000FC Barcelona, Spain
2000Real Madrid, Spain
2000Fiorentina, Argentina
2000Rosenborg, Norway
2000Valencia, Argentina
2000FC Barcelona, Portugal
2000Valencia, Spain
1999Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine
1999Manchester United, Trinidad and Tobago
1999FC Porto, Slovenia
1999Juventus, Italy
1999Manchester United, Wales
1999Benfica, Portugal
1999PSV, Netherlands
1998Juventus, Italy
1998AS Monaco, France
1998Juventus, Italy
1998Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine
1998Manchester United, England
1998Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine
1997Atletico Madrid, Serbia
1996AFC Ajax, Finland
1996Juventus, Italy
1996Real Madrid, Spain
1996Panathinaikos, Poland
1996AFC Ajax, Netherlands
1996Spartak Moscow, Ukraine
1996FC Nantes, France
1995Paris Saint-Germain, Liberia
1995AFC Ajax, Finland
1994FC Barcelona, Netherlands
1994Werder Bremen, New Zealand
1994Anderlecht, Belgium
1994FC Barcelona, Bulgaria
1994Werder Bremen, Germany
1994Spartak Moscow, Russia
1993PSV, Brazil
1993Marseille, Croatia
1993Marseille, France
1993AC Milan, Netherlands
1993IFK Göteborg, Sweden

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