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Cana AlberonaAction, Adventure, Fantasy
YoonAction, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
KofukuSupernatural, Action, Comedy
Sasha Blouse (Potato Girl)Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Action
Krul TepesAction, Dark Fantasy, Drama
ShippoAction, Romantic Comedy, Sengoku-jidai geki, Supernatural
SilicaAction, Adventure, Science fiction
TetAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Aki KamingayaRomantic Comedy, Science Fiction
Ayumi OtosakaComedy-Drama, Supernatural
Sayu HisanumaDrama, Fantasy, Romance
Shizuku NinomiyaAction, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Ami KawashimaDrama, Romantic Comedy
Kazuki KuwanomiDrama, Romance, Science Fiction
Shiemi MoriyamaAction, Supernatural, Comedy
Miho Amakata (Ama-chan)Comedy-Drama, Romance
Yoichi TanakaDrama, Slice of Life, Sports
Emi IgawaDrama, Romance, Music
Kuroh YatogamiAction, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Maiko FujishimaDrama, Romance, Supernatural
Ayato Naoi Action, Comedy-Drama, Romance
Shinjuro KuramaRomantic Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
Yuriko MifuneRomantic Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Umi SonodaComedy
Alice BernsteinAction, Fantasy, Harem
MorgianaAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Hinata ShintaniRomantic Comedy
Ayase AyatsujiAction, Fantasy, Romance
Tracey SketchitAction, Adventure, Comedy-Drama, Fantasy
Fuyumi IrisuMystery
Ryuu TsujiRomantic Comedy, Shoujo
Shigure SohmaFantasy, Romance, Comedy Drama, Reverse-Harem
Liszt KirikiAction, Romantic Comedy,
Nozomi KamiyaComedy, Romance, Shoujo
Ayane YanoRomantic Comedy, Slice of Life, Drama
Mashiro MitsumineRomantic Comedy, Supernatural
Aiko MutoRomance, Comedy-Drama, Sclice of Life
Asako NatsumeRomantic Comedy
Sayaka MikiDark Fantasy, Horror, Magical Girl
Aru AkiseAction, Psycological Thriller, Romance
Kinnosuke IkezawaRomantic Comedy, Slice of Life
Hiromi SugitaFantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Reiko SatōinDrama, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports
Mana AsuhaAction, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Shido YurizakiAction, Sci-Fi, Seinen
Kotori TakatoriScience Fantasy, Science Fiction, Harem, Tragedy
Hisashi KinoshitaSports, Comedy-Drama
Vincent PhantomhiveHistorical, Black Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Psychological Thriller
Yukio KasamatsuSports, Comedy-Drama
Tatenashi SarashikiMecha, Harem, Action, Shoujo, Science Fiction
MineAction, Dark Fantasy, Tragedy
Jun KamigamoRomantic Comedy, Supernatural
Kyousuke ImadoriRomantic Comedy, Slice of Life
Mikoto MisakaAction, Comedy Drama, Science Fantasy
Megumi ImaeComedy, Slice of Life
Kirin TodoAction, Romance, Harem
Asuka TanakaDrama, Sclice of Life
Chinami OkaDrama, Romantic Comedy
Airi YukifuneRomance, Science Fiction, Thriller
Ira GamagooriAction, Comedy-Drama, Magical Girl
Bardwin Cecil Ifrikia (Bard)Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural
SaberAction, Romance, Contemporary Fantasy
Celty Sturluson (Setton)Action, Suspence
Tokubou TeifuAction, Comedy, Harem
Shizuka HazumiMilitary Science Fiction

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