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Immortal firebird
Lady with snake hair
Monster who scared the Greek gods
Dragon slain by Seigfried
Serpent who guards a golden apple tree
Serpent who weakens the tree of the universe
Water snake with many heads
Bronze Avians
Metal man of Crete
Mother of Monsters
Monster who fought Beowulf
Hound of Hades
Hound of Geryon
Three-bodied giant
BIG bird
Seductive female demon
The whirlpool
Anthro bull-man
Beautiful Greek nature-women
Hercules wore its skin
Was stepped on by Hercules, made into constellation
Secutive male demon
Flaming sword in Middle Earth
Flesh eating ____ of Diomedes
Slain by Marduk
Giant Arabic fish
One-eyed giant
Its call is death

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