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hintvampirespecial ability
'You do not provoke me! I can physically take away your senses, or I can paralyze you in the form of mist anesthesia inside you! You will never feel anything when you are going to Sensory Deprivation
'You know me well.I can see your future before it happens, and I see your decision in this precognitive view.Unless you change the decision before it happens.When I start to see yoPrecognition
'I feel an elusive pull when I track down somewhere. I travel alone without anyone accompanying me. I like to be alone anywhere'Tracking Sense
'Just a little touch in your hand, and I read the thoughts inside your mind. I just wanted to know if you broke the vampire law.'Tactile Telepathy
'In my human life, I already had the mental shield, I could block any mental power from the other vampires. Now in my vampire life, I can make a mental shield around the other vampMental Shield
'Water, Fire, Earth and Air, are my current power supply. I can handle them perfectly. That's why my father turned me.'Elemental Manipulation
'I could be a better detective, knowing the person is telling the truth.'Lie detecion
'You don't choose your friends on me! I can break your relationship with them and put you in a new relationship that I put you without your knowledge 'Relationship manipulation
'Don't hide from me! I can find you, no matter where you are! 'Tracking Sense
'If you're sad and depressed, I can give you my happiness until you're happy!'Happiness Induction
'You can't fool me! I can read your mind and telling you what you're thinking.'Telepathy
'I can feel and tell your gifts even youre human or vampire'Ability Identification
hintvampirespecial ability
' I can attract someone with my beauty, and they come to me'Physical Attraction
'I can hunt you anyway, tracking your movements'Tracking Sense
'Don't get me mad, i'll make you a worst pain in your mind'Pain Illusion
'I can feel and control your moods surrounds me'Pathokinesis
'Don't worry about my power. I can shock weak vampires.'Psychic Electrokinesis
'Don't lie to me, I can tell you if you're lying or telling the truth'Lie detection
'I know how strong and intense of your relationship with your friends or girlfriend.'Relationship Identification
'Don't come at me mad, i distract you anyway.'Physical Shield
'I'm not a vampire, but i can show someone my thoughts and destroy my mommy's shield'Tactile Thought Projection/Shield Penetration
I decide my goals in situations in my wills'Outcome Manipulation
'I can escape and hide well'Enhanced Self-Preservation
I can make you see what i see'Visual Projection

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