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Can you name the Twilight Saga Finishers?

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FinishersvampireTechinal Moves
Invisible HideoutSuplex Lift into Spinebuster
Paralyzed Sense AttackModified Yokosuka Cutter
Precognitive Futuristic Decision Belly-to-back inverted mat slam
Screening Poke elusiveRunning Single Leg Dropkick
Distrust Egyptian StretchFront Figure Four Indian Death Lock
Authorized ClutchCobra Clutch
Pale Beauty DropBridging Fisherman Suplex
Mental Block ShieldOrange Crush
Wave Elemental Egyptian LockCross Face Chicken Wing
Fuller's Little DropBridging Brain Buster
Scare Tanner CrashBelly to belly forward Slam
Sadistic Cold Droptwo-handed choke slam
Doctor Stunning.Three-quarters jaw-breaker
Spanish Flu ClutchOctopus clutch
Truth DetectorElevated Complete Shot
South American StrikeRunning Jumping Clothesline
Broken Friendly TiesGutwrench Transitionated Neck Breaker
Littlesea Torture RackCanadian rack back breaker
Contentment additive dropFront Flip Power Slam
Tracker LocatorCrucifix Power Bomb
Smile HappinessSwinging Side Slam
Seattle Shocksleeper Suplex
Olympic BusterElevated Sit down power bomb
Spanish Flu LockReverse Indian Death Lock
Silver ShootInverted Double Under-Hook Kneeling Piledriver
The Strongest SlamChoking Lift into the Spine Buster
Maternal SuplexGerman Suplex with bridge
FinishersvampireTechinal Moves
The Strongest Claw SlamClaw Hold into the choke slam
Magnet Repulsive Attack Running Shoulder Block
American Soldier SlicerStanding Muscle Buster
Attractive Beauty ClutchModified Cobra Clutch
French cutterRolling Cutter
Chilean Indigenous power slamRunning Oklahoma Slam
Beauty Blonde dropDouble Under-Hook DDT
Black Lupine ShotSwinging Reverse STO
Predictive DamGrounded Cross Face Chicken Wing
The Fixed Gaze of Paintriangle Choke
Brown StingDouble Under-Hook Kneeling Piledriver
American Humor ChangeGory Special Cutter.
Amazon SlicerRolling Leg Lock
Blonde Slavic ShockSuplex Lift into DDT
Egyptian Silent DeathShoulder Bridge Lock
Hypnotic LockHalf Nelson Choke
Jamaican ShootFisherman Suplex Lift Into DDT
Silver ArrowRotating Falcon Arrow
Irish War StrikeRunning Flying Clothesline
Texan Rotating KickRound House Spiral Kick
Irish sense of liesGutwrench Brain Buster
Maltese CutterJumping Cutter
Empathic Relational Slam Pump Handle PowerSlam
Mexican Warrior StretchDouble Chicken Wing Sleeper Hold
North American Cutter Kick540 ° Round House Kick
Chilean Native PunchDiscus Punch
Southeast North American FistStraight Punch
FinishersvampireTechinal Moves
Deadly Native American AshesRunning Spinning Clothesline
American Southeast ArrowDelayed Falcon Arrow
Fire Chocolate BombBlue Thunder Bomb
Southeast American ShockSpine Buster
Shocking Attractive MagnetFlying Strong Headbutt
Repulsive Physical ShieldReversed Cradle Suplex
Shared ThoughtsDiving Crossbody
Seattle Destroyer TornadoSuplex Lift into Tombstone Piledriver
Pure Beautiful GoldSpinning Heel Kick
Insensitive Black Heartimplant DDT
Speed Vampiric PowerMilitary Press Into Power Slam
Slavic motherhoodBicycle Kick
Amazon SpeedSpear
Sand Thunder BombThunder Fire Power Bomb
Irish Clover WhipSuplex Lift into Sit down facebuster
Romanian Destroyer FistBoxing Straight Punch
Prison Volturi DropSamoan drop
Succumb Slavic-RussianExploder Vertical Suplex
Egyptian Elderly StakeSuper Kick
Japanese-American bombSplash Mountain Power Bomb
Slavic-Czech ShockMichinoku driver
Escape American PreservedFlying Rotating Clothesline
Romanian-American ShockDouble Under Hook Side Slam
French Indian Death LockModified Shoulder Lock
Amazonian IllusionScissors kick

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