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Charactervampirespecial ability
Wright FamilyEnhanced Compassion
Wright FamilyPeace Passion
Wright FamilyAgression Sensation
Wright FamilyEnhanced Passion
Wright FamilyEnhanced Telepathy
Wright FamilyMental Ability Absorption
Wright FamilyEmpathy
Wright FamilyClairvoyance
Wright FamilySpeed and Strength
Wright FamilyBeauty
Wright FamilyMental Thoughts Projection
Vendetta Telepathy
VendettaHappiness Passion
VendettaAngry Apathy
VendettaBeauty Passion
VendettaRelational Empathy
VendettaSense Disabiling Paralysis
VendettaRelational Bond Disabling
VendettaƁddictive Happiness
VendettaLocal Sensorial
VendettaSuperior Strength
VendettaBeauty Attracton
VendettaPain Projection
VendettaPower Exchange
VendettaPhysical Protection
VendettaSuperior Speed and Hyperior Strength
Slavic SpetnazMotherhood Passion
Slavic SpetnazSuccumbing Passion
Slavic SpetnazSuccumbing Love
Slavic SpetnazPeace Passion
Slavic SpetnazElectrokinesis
Slavic SpetnazSuperior Intelligence
Charactervampirespecial ability
Slavic SpetnazLove Passion
Slavic SpetnazAbility Knoweldge
Slavic SpetnazSuperior Intuition
Anubis CovenFatherhood Passion
Anubis CovenBeauty and Intelligence
Anubis CovenKingdom Ruler Power
Anubis CovenWar Induction
Cloverleaf CovenHypnosis
Cloverleaf CovenIntelligence
Cloverleaf CovenLie Detection
Transylvania CovenBlood Consumption
Transylvania CovenNight Vision
American RebellionPredator Sensory
American RebellionEscape Art
American RebellionFear Sensory
American RebellionSpeed and Agility
American RebellionSpeed
American RebellionRemorse Sensory
American RebellionMind Control
American RebellionSpeed and Beauty
Mexican ClanBeauty
Mexican ClanStrength
Mexican ClanSpeed
Amazonian ClanVisual Illusion
Amazonian ClanSpeed and Knowledge
Amazonian ClanBeauty and Strength
Amazonian ClanOffspring Detection
Amazonian ClanSpeed and Balance
European KingdomSensory Attraction
European KingdomLie Detection
European KingdomPeace Sensory
European KingdomStrength
European KingdomBalance

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