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Can you name the Digimon Finishers?

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FinisherDigimonTechincal Finisher
Baby FlameTombstone Piledriver
Mega FlameSwinging Sitout Side Slam
Ground ZeroComplete Shot
Giga DestroyerSit-Down Uranage Spinebuster
Gaia ForceRelease Powerbomb
Trident GaiaScoop-Lift Sitout Michinoku Driver
Petit FireRunning Powerslam
Howling BlasterTwo Handed Chokebomb
Kaiser NailClawhold
Grace Cross FreezerSpinning Crucifix Sitout Powerbomb
Full Metal BlazeGutwrench Sit-Down Inverted Powerslam
Spiral TwisterSpinning Complete Shot
Meteor Wing Double Underhook Into Falling Forward Powerbomb
Eagle ClawIntercranial Clawhold
Crimson FlameSheerdrop Chokeslam
Cosmic RayDouble Underhook Side Slam
Super ShockerChoke-Lift Exploder Suplex
Mega Blaster Two Handed Sitout Spinebuster
Horn BusterDouble Underhook Cross-Legged Brainbuster
Giga BlasterSheerdrop Orange Crush
Bee CycloneSpinning Sitout Side Slam
FinisherDigimonTechincal Finisher
Poison IvyUranage Slam Followed with Ankle Lock
Needle SprayBear Hug Spinning Side Slam
Flower CannonDiving Shoulderblock
Thorn WhipSuplex Lift Into Spinebuster
Marching FishesScoop Lift Into Tombstone Piledriver
Harpoon TorpedoGutwrench Yokosuka Cutter
Vulcan HammerRoaring Polish Hammer
Arctic BlizzardSheerdrop Jackknife Powerbomb
Air ShotSwinging Reverse STO
Heaven's KnuckleStraight Punch
Gate of DestinyElevated Crucifix Powerbomb
Strike of the Seven StarsChoke Lift Powerbomb
Seven HellsSitout Chokebomb
Cat PunchStraight Punch
Holy ArrowFalcow Arrow
Holy FlameElevated Screwdriver
Eden's JavelinSpear
Aerial Baby FlameElevated Tombstone Piledriver
Great Horn AttackDiving Headbutt
Metal SlashRunning Clothesline
Dark Gaia ForceElevated Sitout Powerbomb
FinisherDigimonTechincal Finisher
Horn AttackStanding Headbutt
Fox FireGutwrench Sitout Powerbomb
Garuru KickSuperkick
Cocytus BreathChokeslam Followed with Powerbomb
Cat KickRoundhouse Kick
Darkness WaveFull Nelson Swinging Side Slam
Madness Merry-Go-RoundSpinning Roundhouse Kick
Phantom PainJaw Clawhold
Bad MessageSitout Facebuster
Death ClawClawhold
Guilty ClawShoulder Clawhold
Flame InfernoCrossface Into Rings of Saturn
Chaos FlareBearhug
Little BlizzardElevated Kneeling Tombstone Piledriver
Ice Shot Modified Elevated Complete Shot
Colored SparkleLifting Double Underhook DDT
Neko ClawNerve Clawhold
Long SwordPumphandle Michinoku Driver
Sticky Net Grounded Position Octupus Stretch
Loop the HawkLifting Scoop Poweslam
Rigid BlockSitout Side Slam Spinebuster

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