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Buttercup, Westley, Fezzik1987
Seth, Evan, Fogel2007
Stu, Phil, Alan2009
Satine, Christian2001
Joel, Clementine2004
Danny, Sandy, Frenchie, Rizzo1978
Maureen, Mark, Roger, Mimi2005
Rick, ilsa1942
Tony Stark, Pepper Potts2008
Harry, Ron, Hermione2009
Jamal, Latika, Salim2008
Ed Tom Bill, Anton, Carson Wells2007
Roger, Jessica, Eddy Valiant1988
Don Vito, Michael, Sonny1972
Wadsworth, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet1985
Jack, Greg, Pam2000
John, Hans, Holly1988
Edward, Bella, Jacob2008
Jim, Michelle, Stifler1999
Claire, Andrew, Bender, Brian, Ally1985
Paulie, Vanessa, Mark2007
Olive, Richard, Frank, Dwayne2006
David, Nicole, Steve, Laura1996
David, Jennifer, Betty, George1998
Mary, Jane, Michael, Bert1964
Everett, Pete, Delmar2000
Jake, Elwood1980
Pete, Zooey, Sydney2009
Harvey, Scott, Cleve2008
Andrew, Sam, Mark2004

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