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QUIZ: Can you name the Disney Word Ladder?

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Cluefour letter wordMovie
What Ariel has before legsThe Little Mermaid
Alice's height after eating mushroomsAlice in wonderland
Cinderella wants to go to theCinderella
what Aurora should have put on for her kissSleeping Beauty
Dopey is the only dwarf that isSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs
word described for Baloo by the endJungle Book
Madam Mim catches oneSword in the Stone
Rex plugs this in for his video gameToy Story 2
Dory reads this __ as es cop a (escape)Finding Nemo
What Arthur is to MerlinSword in the Stone
How Pinocchio would describe becoming a real boyPinnochio
Mufasa gets trampled by a __ of wildabeastsThe Lion King
What the horseman is missingAdventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad
Mama Odie wears these around her neckPrincess and the Frog
Little John is this animalRobin Hood
Cluefour letter wordMovie
This part of Pooh is stuck inside Rabbits houseMany Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Trusty can't smell but i'm sure he can Lady and the Tramp
Rapunzel's hair can do thisTangled
They eat one on the ceilingMary Poppins
Madame Medusa is really __ to PennyThe Rescuers
Simba stops eating __ and eats bugsThe Lion King
Take a __ McLeach says to CodyThe Rescuers Down Under
The Beast does this with his soup (sorta)Beauty and the Beast
what Pongo and Perdita have101 Dalmatians
And they cover them up using __101 Dalmatians
Noise Owl makesMany Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Grandmother Willow pulls this up to trip peoplePocahontas
In the highest __ of the tallest tower is where she livesCinderella
Hercules does this to find Mount OlympusHercules
What Simba does in the end of the movieThe Lion King

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