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they are often sighted grouping up and attacking lower level players from behind while they fight something else or recover from a fight.
a veteran player who makes a new character and gives a bunch of top-shelf equipment from their older, maxed-out characters to the new character.
a group that isn't formed by people you know; instead, it's formed up of random, possible noobs that will completely wreck whatever experience you are getting the group for.
allows many groups of players to traverse the same geography and battle the same enemies at the same time, without interfering with each other.
Term for a clan or group of players who play online games, usually MMORPGs.
A word used in many games for items or money obtained from a slain enemy.
This is consumed in order to use spells or abilities.
A term for killing monsters or mobs over and over again in an area for the singular purpose of gaining xp (experience points) in order to level up
A place in-game where players can trade items.
A word commonly used in online RPGs to signifiy gaining one level of experience.

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