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Can you name the All of the Greek Gods?

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HintAnswerExtra Information
First GodShapeless nothing
Child of first godDarkness
Child of first godDeath
'Mother Earth'Mother of the titans, three cyclopes, and three monsters with 100 hands and 50 heads
'Father Heaven'Father of the titans, three cyclopes, and three monsters with 100 hands and 50 heads
Ruler of the TitansHusband of #7
Wife of #6Sister of #6
Supreme God of the OlympiansSon of #6 and #7
Goddess; Protector of marriageWife of #9; Daughter of #6 and #7
God of the seas and watersSon of #6 and #7
God of the Underworld/DeadSon of #6 and #7
Goddess of HomeDaughter of #6 and #7
Goddess of HarvestDaughter of #6 and #7
Goddess of Wisdom and WarSprang from #8's head
God of WarSon of #8 and #9; blood thirsty and merciless
God of Fire/ForgeSon of #8 and #9
God of Light/Sun and MusicTwin brother of #18
Goddess of the Moon/HuntTwin sister of #17
Messenger of the GodsPrankster
Goddess of Love and BeautySprang from ocean foam
God of WineA god of the Earth
Goddess of the UnderworldKidnapped by #11
Goddess of YouthCupbearer to the Gods
God of LoveOnly child god
Goddess of the Rainbowmessenger of #8 and #9
Nine daughters of #8 and #9Inspired artists of all kinds
Three goddesses of Grace and BeautyAglaia, Euphrosyne, Thalia
Three goddesses of vengeanceTisiphone, Alecto, Megaera
Three sisters who cut the thread of life for humansClotho, Lachesis, Atropos
Three snake haired monstersTurns creatures to stone

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