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Forced Order
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The US policy to stop the spread of communist was what?
The ****** theory stated that if one country in an area fell to communism, the rest would follow suit.
What was Vietnam known as whilst under French colinial rule?
At what famous battle did the French, humiliatingly, lose control over Vietnam?
In which year did this battle occur?
Where was the peace conferance held?
Vietnam was split into how many pieces?
Who was the leader of North Vietnam?
The National Liberation Front was formed in Vietnam, what was this organisation better known as?
Which US President sent military advisers to South Vietnam to help prop up the Government?
Who succeded the President above?
By the end of 1964 US troops were in Vietnam? A) 10,000 B) 18,000 C) 25,000 D) 31,000
In which month and year was a US ship attacked by North Vietnamese Patrol Boats?
Where did this occur?
By 1969, how many US troops were there in Vietnam? A) 500,000 B) 600,000 C) 750,000 D)1,000,000
What was the name of the supply route that ran from North to South Vietnam?
The North Vietnamese Forces used what type of tactics against the US troops?
What was the name of the offensive that the North Vietnamese famously carried out. Named after a Holiday in Vietnam.
In which year did this offensive happen?
Which building in Saigon was invaded by VC forces that really shocked the US Public
In which historic city, split in two by a river, which was included in the film Full Metal Jacket, was some of the bloodiest fighting of the war fought in as part of the offensive
Where, in march 1968, were 300-400 civilians imfamously massacred
What was the name of the American Bombing campeign to try to bomb the North Vietnamese into submission?
Which sticky, flammable substance was used in bombs and dropped upon North Vietnam? (Hint: Apocalypse Now)
Which Chemical weapon was dropped to destroy trees?
At which Univeristy were 4 students killed by the national guard in an anti war demonstration?
Who took over as US president in 1968?
Where was the Peace Treaty Signed?
In what year was it signed?
In what year did Saigon Fall, signalling the fall of South Vietnam to communism?

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