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In what year did Stalin Die?
Who took his Place?
In what year did the Hungarian Revolt occur?
Who lead the revolution?
Who did he overthrow?
Nagy wanted to take Hungary out of which organisation, that Khrushchev would not allow him to do?
On what exact date did Soviet Tanks invade Hungary?
When Nagy was arrested, who took his place?
In what year was Nagy killed.
In what year was the Prague Spring?
Who was elected leader of the Czechs?
Dubcek's policy was known as 'Communism with a' what?
Who was the Soviet Leader at the time of the Prague Spring?
In what month did Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia?
Who was Dubcek's president?
In what year did Dubcek resign as Leader of Czechoslovakia?
Who replaced him?
About how many people had moved across the border from East to West Berlin between 1945 and 1960? A) 1,000,000 B) 2,000,000 C) 3,000,000 D) 4,000,000
When exactly was the Berlin wall first raised?
Between the Years of 1961 until it fell, how many people managed to get across the Berlin wall? A) 2,000 B) 5,000 C) 8,000 D) 10,000
In which year did the Berlin Wall fall?
In which city did Solidarity start?
In what year was it formed?
Who was the Polish Leader at the Time of its Formation?
Who replaced Him?
In Which Month did he declare Marshal Law?
Solidarity was proclaimed illegal in which year?
In which year was Solidarity legalised again and allowed to take part in an election?
In the election, out of 100 seats, how many did solidaity win?
What position was Lech Walesa Elected into?

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