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In What Month and Year was the Yalta Conferance Held ?
In What Month and Year did the Potsdam Conferance Start?
Who were the 3 Leaders at Potsdam (Surnames and in alphabetical Order)
Which countries 3 were represented at the Conferances (In Alphabetical Order and Abbreviated)
US Policy on Stopping the spread of Communism
Which Eastern European Country fell to Communism in 1948?
Which Large Country Fell of Communism in 1949
Marshal Aid was named After which person?
What Post in the US Government did this person hold?
How many European Countries accepted it?
Which year did the Greek Civil War end?
How many Zones was Germany Split into after the War?
The Allies' Zones Merged to become What?
In Which Year did this Happen?
What was the Currency of the Newly Formed Country?
When exactly did the Soviets Start the Berlin Blockade?
How did the West Get Supplys into Berlin?
When exactly did the Soviets Lift the Berlin Blockade
Which Year was Cominform Set Up?
Which Year was Comecon Set Up?
Which Year was NATO Set Up?
What Does NATO Stand for?
What Year was the Warsaw Pact Set up?
In Which Year was the Cuban Revolution?
Who was the leader that was overthrown?
Who overthrew him?
Who took over from the President of the USA in late 1961?
Where did the 1500 Cuban Exiles who were sent to overthrow the government of Cuba land?
On what date were Nuclear Missiles found by a U2 plane on Cuba (Exact Date)?
Kennedy set up a ******** to stop missiles getting through to Cuba
On what day did he announce that he was going to take the action mentioned in the question above?
What Type of American Missiles were staioned near to USSR?
Where were these Missiles Stationed?
On what Day did North Korea Invade South Korea
Who was the Leader of North Korea
Who was the Leader of South Korea
Where were the South Koreans Forced Back to after the North Korean Assult
Where did the Marine landings occur?
Who took was in command of UN forces at that time?
Which River did the UN forces approach which provoked China to intervene?
Who was the leader of PRC?
Who replaced the first commander of the UN forces in
What was the line that origanally formed the border between North and South?
At the battle of the Imjin River, where did 700 members of 1st Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment make its famed last stand against 11,000 chinese soldiers?
Did the Korean War ever end?

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