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Laps Up Iron
Dog's Dinner With One Missing
Scottish Insect
Obese Child, Not
Vermin In A Newly Prosperous Neighbourhood
Firearms And Flowers
Contorted Nun
Eco-Friendly 24 Hour Period
How To Get Toothpaste Out Of The Tube
A BNP Dead Person
Steel Damsel
Feline Toys
If You Have Small Feet You Wear...
Karma's Offspring
Male Bomb Shelter
Primary Colour, Nothing More
Happy Mathematics
Strikes For Minestrone
What You Might Call An Athsmatic
They Could Be Playboy Centrefolds
A Birds Appendages
An Organisation Of Several Groups Of Homo Sapiens
The One That Didn't Die
You'll Probably See This At A Building Site
Noir Sunday
They Will Never Collect Lichen
Your Either In Or Out With Them
Azure Molluscs Religion
Soaked 3 Times
Warm Galaxy

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