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Letter it starts withLiterary TermHint
ARepetition of initial sounds in neighboring words
ABrief reference to something well known
ADevice of repetition in which the same phrase is repeated at the beginning of two or more lines
AA person or force which opposes the protagonist
ARepetition of vowel sounds within neighboring words
CUnpleasant combination of sounds
CMethod of developing a character
CDecisive moment
CStruggle whether internal or external
CImplied meaning of a word
DLiteral meaning of a word
DAuthor's choice of words
FTo show an event that happened at an earlier time
FUse of hints or clues to suggest the future
HExaggeration or overstatement
ILanguage that evokes the senses
IImplied discrepancy between what is said and meant
Letter it starts withLiterary TermHint
JClose placement of contradictory ideas
MComparison of two unlike things without using 'like' or 'as'
MRecurrent elements
OWordthat imitates the sound it represents
OPutting two contradictory words together (Or a moron fused with Oxygen)
PGiving human qualities to non-humans
RPattern of words that contain similar sounds
RRecurrences of stressed and unstressed syllables at equal intervals
SDetermining time and place
SComparison of two unlike things using 'like' or 'as'
SAn object or action that means something more than the literal meaning
SUsing a part to represent the whole
SOne sense describing another
SWay in which words are put together to form sentences
TGeneral idea or insight
TAttitude a writer towards a subject or character

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