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Can you name the top box office performers of each year by their unadjusted domestic gross totals according to Filmsite?

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1930 (tie)John Cromwell
1930 (tie)Howard Hawks
1931James Whale
1932Josef von Sternberg
1933 (tie)Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack
1933 (tie)Wesley Ruggles
1934 (tie)Jack Conway
1934 (tie)Frank Capra
1935Mark Sandrich
1936 (tie)Felix E. Feist
1936 (tie)Sidney Lanfield
1937David Hand
1938 (tie)Edmund Goulding
1938 (tie)Frank Capra
1938 (tie)Henry King
1939Victor Fleming
1940Hamilton Luske & Ben Sharpsteen
1941Howard Hawks
1942David Hand
1943 (tie)Michael Curtiz
1943 (tie)Victor Fleming
1944 (tie)Leo McCarey
1944 (tie)Vincente Minnelli
1945Leo McCarey
1946Harve Foster & Wilfred Jackson
1947 (tie)Otto Preminger
1947 (tie)Mitchell Leisen
1948 (tie)Anatole Litvak
1948 (tie)Charles Walters
1949Cecil B. DeMille
1950Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske
1951Mervyn LeRoy
1952 (tie)Cecil B. DeMille
1952 (tie)Merian C. Cooper
1953Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske
1954 (tie)Michael Curtiz
1954 (tie)Richard Fleischer
1954 (tie)Alfred Hitchcock
1955Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske
1956Cecil B. DeMille
1957David Lean
1958Joshua Logan
1959William Wyler
1960 (tie)Ken Annakin
1960 (tie)George Cukor
1961Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske & Wolfgang Reitherman
1962 (tie)David Lean
1962 (tie)Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton & Bernhard Wicki
1962 (tie)Terence Young
1963 (tie)Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1963 (tie)Terence Young
1964 (tie)Robert Stevenson
1964 (tie)Guy Hamilton
1965Robert Wise
1966 (tie)George Roy Hill
1966 (tie)John Huston
1966 (tie)Mike Nichols
1967Wolfgang Reitherman
1968William Wyler
1969George Roy Hill
1970Arthur Hiller
1971 (tie)Tom Laughlin
1971 (tie)Guy Hamilton
1972Francis Ford Coppola
1973William Friedkin
1974Mel Brooks
1975Steven Spielberg
1976John G. Avildsen
1977George Lucas
1978Randal Kleiser
1979 (tie)Robert Benton
1979 (tie)Lewis Gilbert
1980Irving Kershner
1981Steven Spielberg
1982Steven Spielberg
1983Richard Marquand
1984 (tie)Martin Brest
1984 (tie)Steven Spielberg
1985Robert Zemeckis
1986Tony Scott
1987 (tie)Leonard Nimoy
1987 (tie)Adrian Lyne
1988Barry Levinson
1989 (tie)Tim Burton
1989 (tie)Steven Spielberg
1990 (tie)John Hughes
1990 (tie)Jerry Zucker
1991James Cameron
1992Ron Clements & John Musker
1993Steven Spielberg
1994 (tie)Robert Zemeckis
1994 (tie)Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff
1995 (tie)John Lasseter
1995 (tie)John McTiernan
1996Roland Emmerich
1997James Cameron
1998 (tie)Steven Spielberg
1998 (tie)Michael Bay
1999George Lucas
2000 (tie)Ron Howard
2000 (tie)John Woo
2001Chris Columbus
2002 (tie)Sam Raimi
2002 (tie)Peter Jackson
2003Peter Jackson
2004Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury & Conrad Vernon
2005 (tie)George Lucas
2005 (tie)Mike Newell
2006Gore Verbinski
2007 (tie)Sam Raimi
2007 (tie)Gore Verbinski
2008Christopher Nolan
2009James Cameron
2010Lee Unkrich
2011David Yates
2012Joss Whedon
2013Francis Lawrence
2014Clint Eastwood
2015J.J. Abrams
2016Gareth Edwards
2017Rian Johnson

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