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'Oh the glory when you ran outside, With your shirt tucked in and your shoes untied'
'Needlework and seedlings, In the way you're walking'
'Don't wanna work in a building downtown, No, I don't wanna work in a building downtown'
'Plants and animals, We're on a bender when it's 80 degrees, The end of December was coming on'
'So many people telling me one way, So many people telling me to stay'
'I'm like a convict, You're like the FBI, I ask for breakfast, You bring a piece of pie'
'She had a bruise so black, they watched it fade, Through the full spectrum of colors'
'Get the story down, Waltzing right out of the room, Be good when your parents stay over in June'
'Comfort comes to those with faith in mysterious ways, But for me, faith don't make up for what we lost'
'I'm told the eventual downfall's just a bill from the restaurant'
'But there's someone I'd like to see, She never mentions a word to me, She reads Leviathan'
'So there you go again, Out in your dressing gown, Get yourself to bed, Blow out that...'
'Here she comes breaking through my window, In the early morning hours'
'Got no lack of frustration, Got no lack of disease, C'mon, it's a big, big world now'
'Some bed of nails I have given you, Everybody's been there, I just live there too, You don't stand up'
'You can't come home again, Each time it's different'
'I watch her move in an elliptical pattern and think, It's not what you say, what you say is way too complicated'
'That bird's ready I know, He's tired of being alone, He's working all on his own, Building himself a home'
'Not running, but I'm running away from you, Not talking, but I had my way'
'And we don't do a thing, 'cause we're busy and think, We're just wandering, we're just a-wandering'
'And then as an apprentice, he took a Drowish mistress, Who bestowed upon his youthfulness a sense of champagne chic'
'Oh turn off the TV, It's killing us, we never speak'
'Well I could stay in bed all day, Is that such an awful thing for me to say, That's a problem and it's anybody's guess'
'If you keep killing God in your eyes, People will think you're really callous, But no matter how hard you try, You'll never be as weird as Uncle Alice'
'I've got a cross to bear, With my demon wife'
'Someone knocks in the back at the door, Oh, why'd you come, were you looking for more, Don't speak'
'Stay inside 'til somebody finds us, Do whatever the TV tells us, Stay inside our rosy-minded fuzz'
'So now I chase my bags, someday they'll take me home, My clothes are worn so thin they accent my bones, And the sleep I've lost could rest me'
'Growing, growing, gone, I'm glad that you came along, And just stole this heart of mine'
'And the mountains said I could find you here, They whispered the snow and the leaves in my ear'
'You're bearing signs on the avenue, For your own personal Waterloo, now'
'The times we had, oh when the wind would blow with rain and snow, Were not all bad, we put our feet just where they had, had to go'
'My head's been lying dormant like a sleepy little mouse, What I have inside me, it's enough to fill a house'
'Every choke I choose, Caught a case of the true love blues, Tie me down or I will run, Tie me down and I will run'
'She has a dad she does not know, Who sends her letters with no return address, I don't know his name, He don't know my name, I am better off this way'
'We all know you're soft 'cause we've all seen you dancing, We all know you're hard 'cause we've all seen you drinking from noon until noon again'
'Don't you know that it's insane, Don't you want to get out of Cape Cod, Out of Cape Cod tonight'
'Passing through unconscious states, When I awoke, I was on the highway, highway, highway, highway'
'When the boys pass, And they're saying, Oooh la la, Oooh la la'
'If I broke my jaw for you, I'd find a bloody tooth and rip it out'
'Oh the girls all dance with the boys from the city, And they don't care to dance with me'
'Until the day you die, You'll always admit, That you were right, you were right, About all those things'
'But it was fun fun fun, When we were drinking, It was fun fun fun, When we were drunk, And it was fun fun fun, When we were laughing, It was fun fun fun, Oh it was fun'
''Cause who said sailing is fine, Leaving behind all the faces that I might replace if I tried on that long ride, Looking deep inside but I don't want to look so deep inside yet'
'And so I went to a whale, I said, 'Killer whale, please, what do you do when your true love leaves?''
'I just got a message, said 'Yeah, Hell has frozen over,' Got a call from the Lord, saying 'Hey, boy, get a sweater right now''
'The only girl I've ever loved, Was born with roses in her eyes, But then they buried her alive'
'Well we get along, Yeah we really do, And there's nothing wrong, With what I feel for you'
'Cheap ride, running and leaving town and hoping to fly, But everybody's dying to try, And there's only so much room in the sky'
'How you gonna pretend, With the way that you bend, You never give it to your boyfriend'

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