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A Confederate soldier is wounded in action, then returns to his family in their ruined home.1915
A young woman is saved from certain death as the ice floe on which she has fainted breaks apart and drifts toward a waterfall.1920
A bespectacled young man hangs perilously from a large clock's hands on the side of a skyscraper.1923
Two former friends fight to the death in Death Valley over a cache of gold coins.1924
Czarist troops massacre a revolting citizenry on the steps leading to the Odessa harbor.1925
As American troops depart a French village in WWI, a young soldier and a French peasant girl search for each other. They embrance and the soldier promises to return.1925
To celebrate Thanksgiving, a starving prospector in Alaska boils his own boot and eats it for dinner.1925
A young Parisian woman removes the mask of a mysterious organist to find him horribly disfigured.1925
A dejected young train engineer, rejected by his girlfriend, sits on a train engine crossbar, bobbing up and down as the train pulls away.1927
A singer performs Dirty Hands, Dirty Face and Toot, Toot, Tootsie and speaks film's first words.1927
A female robot is brought to life by a mad scientist, using a captive young woman's likeness.1927
On a hazy moonlit night, a farmer and a city vamp tryst in a marsh, where the vamp tempts the farmer to murder his wife.1927
A tracking shot of a monolithic New York skyscraper enters through a window showing row upon row of identical desks.1928
A young German WWI soldier reaches from his trench for a butterfly, while a French sniper takes aim.1930
A formerly blind flower girl, now able to see, realizes her benefactor is a Tramp.1931
A doctor instills life in a corpse via lightning strike, screaming 'It's alive!'1931
A ruthless gangster cruelly mashes a half grapefruit in his girlfriend's face.1931
In a trademark Busby Berkeley musical scene, over 100 swimmers and bathers form various geometric highlights, including a human water fountain.1933
An inexperienced chorus girl is sent out on opening night, where she has 'got to come back a star.'1933
Renouncing her throne, a monarch is exiled from Sweden and stands silently at the bow of her ship.1933
After a newspaperman fails repeatedly at hitchhiking, his heiress companion uses a different limb to flag down a car.1934
A poor girl, attempting to impress a well-to-do suitor, hosts a disastrous dinner party.1935
A parade of people crowd themselves absurdly into a tiny stateroom aboard the S.S. Americus.1935
A pair of elegant dancers perform a beautiful routine to Cheek to Cheek.1935
A factory worker, driven slightly berserk by trying to tighten nuts at a breakneck pace, lies on a conveyor belt and finds himself dragged into the factory's enormous gears.1936
A beautiful Parisian courtesan attempts to feign good health for her lover, but eventually succumbs and passes away.1936
A young woman, going blind and dying, goes quietly to bed as she feels the end coming.1939
Heathcliff reuintes with his beloved Cathy on her deathbed and stays with her as she expires.1939
A Southern belle in antebellum Georgia descends the stairs at a plantation barbecue and notices the handsome man at the bottom undressing her with his eyes.1939
A woman races to the open-air hospital in Civil War-era Atlanta for a doctor, only to find hundreds of wounded and dead soldiers baking in the sun.1939
An Indian water carrier blows his bugle as a warning to the British troops he serves moments before being shot.1939
A Senator from small-town America delivers an exhausting, patriotic filibuster on the Senate floor.1939
An outlaw seeking revenge for the murder of his brother and father holds up the title vehicle.1939
A young girl, scarecrow, tin woodsman and lion skip along a brick road singing a song about their destination.1939
An aspiring, Hitler-like despot performs an adoring dance with a globe.1940
As workers clear away the 'junk' of a deceased tycoon, a childhood memento is revealed, clarifying the meaning of the tycoon's final word.1941
A sexy cardsharp seduces a hapless snake expert whom she plans to fleece.1941
As police lead away a femme fatale, a detective muses about a statuette that 'dreams are made of.'1941
Two lovers in WWII Morocco part on an airway tarmac so that she and her husband might help the French Resistance.1942
A police captain and a barkeep walk into the fog, opining that they may have begun 'a beautiful friendship.'1942
A suave, married European lights two cigarettes, one for himself and one for the spinster whose life he has changed on their South American cruise.1942
A wrongly suspected terrorist and the actual criminal grapple atop the Statue of Liberty.1942
George M. Cohan energetically performs the title song-and-dance number, including use of the stage walls to perform backflips.1942
Forced to share an apartment, a young woman and an Army sergeant fall in love on the steps of their building while she discusses her plans to marry her older boss.1943
A sultry young woman instructs a privateer on the proper way to whistle.1944
A touching, silent homecoming for a serviceman who has been away from his wife and children for four years.1946
Under the blazing desert sun, a pair of lovers duel to the death beneath Squaw's Head Rock.1946
A vixen alluringly performs the bawdy 'Put the Blame on Mame' in an Buenos Aires casino.1946
A young man and woman listen together on the phone in Bedford Falls, while the man at first protests, but finally admits his love for, the young lady. 1946
A town's worth of people gather Christmastide and chip in to pay a despondent man's rent, closing with a joint singing of Auld Lang Syne.1946
A dark government agent and the daughter of a convicted Nazi spy kiss--repeatedly--while maintaining a conversation about dinner and checking phone messages.1946
An Irish sailor confronts his lover and her crippled husband in an abandoned amusement park's house of mirrors.1948
A trio of prospectors in the Mexican wilderness grow increasingly tense until the younger two want to turn back, leading the elder to relentlessly belittle them.1948
A mousy young legatee in the mid-19th century, realizing her lover wants her only for her fortune, exacts her revenge.1949
A writer in post-war Vienna, looking for his deceased friend, is startled to see the friend staring back at him from doorway across the street.1949
On a long, tree-lined street, an American waits for a Czech young woman as she leaves her lover's funeral; she arrives, walking silently toward, then past, without word or gesture.1949
A deluded gangster believes he's on 'top of the world' as he is riddled with bullets and the chemical plant he sought to rob blazes around him.1949
A Broadway actress throws a birthday party for her boyfriend, which she turns into a 'bumpy night.'1950
A former silent film star descends the staircase of her mansion in madness, 'ready for her close-up.'1950
A poor but aspiring young man confesses his love to his beautiful young cousin at a dance; she pulls him to the balcony for a passionate kiss.1951
A brutish man, remorseful after a spat with his wife, yells out her name in the courtyard of their New Orleans apartment.1951
A western sheriff writing his will and standing alone on main street are intercut with shots of a clockface and a group of outlaws arriving in town to face the sheriff.1952
A movie star dances and splashes his way down the street during a downpour while performing the title number.1952
A violent mob henchman flings a pot of scalding coffee in his moll's face.1953
A soldier and his base captain's wife make love on a beach in Hawaii in the days leading up to Pearl Harbor.1953
The title gunslinger rides off into the distance as young Joey calls out after him to come back.1953
Two brothers sit in a New York cab, where the elder pursues his union boss' criminal ends while the younger laments the demise of his prizefighting career, leaving him a bum.1954
A murderous preacher explains the struggle between hate and love--the words tattooed on his knuckles. 1955
In a confrontation between good and evil, a villainous reverend lurks outside an elderly widow's farmhouse as she sits in silhouette holding a rifle.1955
The sexy new upstairs tenant in a married book publisher's building cools herself over a subway vent, causing her white dress to billow.1955
Following the rescue of his niece from the Comanche, a loner cowboy stands framed in silhouette in his family's farmhouse doorway.1956
After allowing the Israelites to leave Egypt, Pharaoh pursues his former slaves; to make their escape, Moses parts the Red Sea.1956
A WWII British colonel in a Ceylon army camp refuses to permit his officers to do manual labor, instead engaging in a power struggle, remaining in the hot sun for days in protest.1957
Two chain-gang prisoners (one white, one black) desperately chase a moving freight train.1958
In a long, unbroken take, a bomb is planted in a car in a Mexican border town, which then slowly approaches the border checkpoint.1958
A San Francisco detective and his lover embrace after he transforms her into a replica of his deceased love, bringing back a swirl of memories bathed in neon green light.1958
A spectacular chariot race occurs in ancient Rome between the titular hero and his nemesis.1959
A Madison Avenue businessman is lured to a rural Indiana cornfield, where he is pursued by a cropdusting plane.1959
An upright bassist in a jazz band, having disguised himself as a woman to flee the mob, finally reveals to a potential suitor that he is not a she--but the suitor is unfazed.1959
A beautiful blonde is brutally stabbed by an old woman while taking a shower in her hotel bathroom.1960
An impetuous British officer in WWI Cairo contemplates a reassignment while gazing at a lit match; as he blows out the match, the screen cuts to a vivid sunset.1962
A British officer, leading a group of Arab soldiers, blows up and loots a Turkish train in the desert.1962
As two men look on from a Bedouin watering hole, a black-clad Sheik rides in slowly from the distance, first appearing only as a shimmering speck in the distance.1962
A middle-aged intellectual first glimpses a pretty young blonde girl sunbathing in her backyard in a two-pieced flowered bathing suit and his smitten.1962
An 18th-century British rogue enjoys a ravenous meal with a lusty woman, serving as foreplay for their evening.1963
The camera swoops in over beautiful mountains to a meadow where a young Austrian novice sings the title song.1965
A pair of romantically-involved Depression-era outlaws are ambushed, their car and their bodies riddled with bullets.1967
A directionless young man decides to interrupt the wedding of the young woman, screaming her name; the two ride off on a bus, exhilirated but unsure of their future.1967
Enlightened by a monolith, a prehistoric ape learns to use animal bones as tools, throwing one in the air; a match-on-action cuts from the bone to a spacestation in the future.1968
Two turn-of-the-century outlaws, escaping a posse, must jump off a cliff into a river, when one admits that he doesn't know how to swim.1969
Two motorcyclists ride away from a New Mexico town with their new lawyer friend, who wears a gold football helmet.1969
As the title group of outlaws robs a bank in a Texas town, a gun battle ensues, killing numerous townspeople in a temperance march.1969
A famous 4-star general in WWII gives a bombastic speech in front of an enormous American flag.1970
In the near future, a British punk and his gang rape and torture of a middle-class couple while singing 'Singin' in the Rain.'1971
A member of a drug ring is pursued by a New York detective in a car-and-train chase, with the detective eventually gunning down the criminal at the top of the train depot stairs.1971
An Atlanta businessman on a trip to the wilderness plays banjo with a mentally challenged young hillbilly.1972
On the day of his daughter's wedding, a mafia boss listens to requests for favors from various patrons.1972
A possessed girl uses a crucifix in a distinctly unholy manner and swivels her head 360 degrees while yelling obscenities.1973
A private detective snoops around a Los Angeles reservoir, where a goon slices his nose, which he 'likes breathing through.'1974
When the vindictive nurse at an asylum refuses to allow the patients to watch the World Series, their rebellious leader pretends the game is on anyway in a contest of wills.1975
An underdog boxer trains in montage, running through the Philadelphia streets and up the stairs of an art museum, arms raised in triumph.1976
A dangerously unhinged loner cabbie talks to himself in the mirror and plays with his gun, but he's 'the only one here.'1976
A New York paint store clerk dons a white leisure suit and dances to the music of the Bee Gees at a discotheque.1977
A lieutenant colonel bombs a Vietnam beach in order to surf there, unleashing the smell he loves in the morning.1979
An unhinged writer at a snowbound Colorado hotel uses an axe to break down the door of the bathroom where his wife and son hide, terrified.1980
An archaeology professor steals a golden idol from a South American jungle and is nearly crushed by a giant boulder.1981
To demonstrate a man's ability to be fooled, a blonde woman fakes an orgasm at a deli.1989
A German businessman and his accountant type out, in close-up, the names of the Jews whom the businessman intends to save from the Nazi death camps.1993

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