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Picketed by gay-rights groups, this Sharon Stone thriller is known for a revealing un-crossing1992
Often considered the first epic film, it was called 'history written in lightning' by President Wilson but today is best known for its racist depiction of African-Americans1915
Though it seems tame today, this movie was decried for its heroic depiction of the title criminals and for its violent gunplay finale1967
Referred to as 'the worst film ever shown at Cannes' by Roger ****, this road-trip movie blurred the lines between pornography and mainstream narrative filmmaking2003
This tale of the famously depraved Roman emperor was financed by Bob Guccione of Penthouse magazine1979
This horror mockumentary so effectively portrayed the slaughter of its stars that it was banned in several countries and the director faced murder charges1980
An enormous hit, this horror film led to reports of audience members fainting, vomiting, and fleeing the theater in terror1973
This exploitative Tod Browning classic featured real circus performers and was long banned because of its shocking ending1932
Its name now synonymous with any massive flop, this Western essentially ended the filmmaker-controlled creative atmosphere of the Golden Age of the 1970s1980
The verite-style slasher film was based upon the claims of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas1986
Unlike many controversially 'explicit' love stories, this Japanese film continues to shock with its graphic portrayal of a doomed love affair1976
Told in reverse chronological order, this tragic French film about rape and revenge was said to be the most walked-out-of film at Cannes in 20022002
One of the few mainstream films to carry an X rating, this May-December affair is famous for the line 'Get the butter'1972
Argued by some to be a respectful portrayal of the life of Christ, this movie was denounced by conservative groups for a brief scene in which Jesus fantasizes about marrying1988
The only X-rated Best Picture winner, this film sparked controversy for its depiction of male prostitutes and homosexuals1969
A satire of media obsession and the bizarre nature of celebrity, this film led to a lawsuit claiming that it inspired a series of copycat murders1994
Directed by Howard Hughes, this lusty Western was denied a seal of approval by the Hays Office for the prominence of Jane Russell's cleavage1943
A forerunner of the slasher film, this psychological thriller skirted the day's boundaries of screen nudity and violence and was the first film to show a toilet being flushed1960
This low-budget shock comedy famously featured its star Divine eating real dog excrement in a bid to be named the 'Filthiest Person Alive'1972
Based on a Marquis de Sade novel, this Italian film about a group of depraved aristocrats torturing teenagers at a rural palace in fascist Italy was banned in numerous countries1975
This famed propoganda film was commissioned by Hitler to celebrate the sixth Nazi Reich Party Congress1935
One of the few truly 'surrealist' films, this short film, co-written by Salvador Dali, is best-known for a close-up of a woman's eyeball being sliced with a straight razor1929

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