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Main Characters
Hes his own grandfather 
Bad depth perception 
Folk singer & Cook 
Inventor of the Fing-Longer  
Has performed many mercy killings 
Rastafarian Accountant 
Prone to slipping & tripping 
Secondary Characters
has unholy acting talent 
Hes got tenure 
Rank - Lieutenant 
Ruler of the Planet Omicron Persei 8 
Owner of the Friendly Robot Co. 
The Velour Fog 
Loves to eat puppies 
The Original Gerber Baby 
Mutant Dad 
Mutant Mom 
Minor Characters
Going to die the way he lived 
First Emperor of the Moon 
Gold medal winner for limbo & sex 
Half-brother in the All My Circuits  
'A girl that fine you gotta romance first' 
Co-owner of Awesome Express 
Priest of the First Amalgamated Church 
Has a goatee 
Owns one share of Planet Ka-jigger 
Bathes in chocolate 
Judges everyone to be naughty 
Non-Robot Cop 
Incompetent Lawyer 
Everybody Loves him 
Jamaican Wife 
Minor Characters Cont.
Owns half of Mars 
Really wants grandkids 
Co-anchor of √2 news 
His prices are insainly low 
His use in battle is a warcrime 
20th century ex-girlfriend 
Kittens give him gas 
Runs a 20th centrury pizzeria 
The Gargoyle 
Evangelical preacher 
Resides in New Jersey 
Sells Oil-Ade 
Robot Cop 
The Mayor 
The ultimate party worm 
The Vice President 

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