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Can you name the Can you name these members of the Griffin Family Tree??

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ImmediateSelf-proclaimed Huguenot
ImmediateBovine Lummox
Immediate'Snake Griffin'
ImmediateLoose Lois
ImmediateShut-up Meg
Immediate/PetThe Dog
ImmediatePeter's biological father
ImmediatePeter's evil brother
ImmediateDeceased son of Peter and Lois
ImmediatePeter's Mother
ImmediateStewie's Clone
PetBrian's Replacement
PetBrian's Clone
PetThe one time pet cat
PetAlways peed on the carpet
PetThe dog before brian
ExtendedPeter's Father
ExtendedLois's Father
ExtendedLois's Mother
ExtendedLois's Sister
ExtendedLois's Grandmother
ExtendedLois's serial killer brother
ExtendedLois's deceased great aunt
ExtendedBrian's Son
ExtendedMother of Brian's son
ExtendedBrian's cousin
ExtendedBrian's cousin's husband
ExtendedBrian's Mother
ExtendedBrian's Father who was hit by a milk truck
ExtendedStewie's half brother
ExtendedChris's Tribal 11 year old wife
ExtendedChris's wife in the future
ExtendedPeter's famous cousin in Hollywood
ExtendedMeg's biological father
ExtendedStewie's cousin on DS9
ExtendedPeter's great aunt & Singer
ExtendedPeter's great uncle and brother of Adolf
ExtendedPeter's distant cousin & star of Black to the Furture
ExtendedPeter's cousin whos house is blown down by a wolf
ExtendedStewie's cousin who loves Katie Holmes
ExtendedHe was a silent movie actor
ExtendedLois's retired great aunt
ExtendedPeter's relative who helped design Bugs Bunny
AncestorHe invented the wheel
AncestorWrote- Commandment Number 1: Shut the Hell Up
AncestorMedieval English King
AncestorSearched for the fountain of youth
AncestorPeter's great, great, great, great Grandfather & a Slave
AncestorPeter's great, great Grandfather & beat Robert E Lee in a drinking contest
AncestorPeter's great, great uncle & Giant Slug
AncestorHe helped invent golf
AncestorPeter's great grandfather on the Mississippi
AncestorPeter's diminutive great grandfather
AncestorPeter's great grandfather and owner of the 8th telephone ever made.
AncestorPeter's distant relative and great thinker
AncestorHe founded Quahog
AncestorCarter's ancestor & slave owner
AncestorMother of Nate Griffin's children
Ancestor (Bonus)Peter's Native American Ancestor
Ancestor (Bonus)Boxed a Kangaroo

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