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CluePersonWhen they lived
Queen of France and England1122-1204
Pope who sent missionaries to Englandc.540-604
Crusading king of France1214-1270
King crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD742-814
Northumbrian monk, scholar, and historian673-735
Missionary saint sent to convert Englandd. 604
Swedish saint1303-1373
Pope during Investiture Controversyc.1015-1085
Unpopular king of England1167-1216
Crusading king of England1157-1199
Italian author famous for depicting Hellc.1265-1321
Chronicler from Hainault, fond of chivalryc.1337–c. 1405
Norwegian Viking granted land in Normandyc.846–c. 932
English author and bureaucratc.1343-1400
Italian saint who tried to end Avignon Papacy1347-1380
Saint and theologian, author of the 'Summa'c.1225-1274
Italian author, 'Father of Humanism'1304-1374
Controversial empress of Byzantiumc.500-548
King of England who fought at Agincourt1387-1422
Robert Bruce's rival for the Scottish crown1249-1314
Pope who called the First Crusadec.1035-1099
Reforming Pope of the Albigensian Crusadec.1161-1216
English author, wrote in English, French, Latinc.1330-1408
English king defeated at Battle of Hastingsc.1022-1066
French author and proto-feminist1365–c.1434
CluePersonWhen they lived
King of England known for his chivalry1312-1377
Norman duke and king of Englandc.1028-1087
Ayyubid sultan famous for fighting the Franksc.1138-1193
Anglo-Saxon king during Viking invasions849-899
Spanish chivalric heroc.1040-1099
Welsh-Norman cleric and chroniclerc.1146–c.1223
Celtic bishop from Ionac.627–704
King of England whose sons rebelled1133-1189
Italian explorer and merchantc.1254-1324
Mallorcan theologian known for his Art1232-1315
First Catholic king of the Franksc.466–511
Regent of France when her son went to Egypt1188-1252
Saint and bishop from Lindisfarnec.634–687
Holy Roman Emp. during Investiture Controv.1050-1106
Italian author of book set during Black Death1313-1375
First Saxon Holy Roman Emperor912-973
Father of last Plantagenet king of England1330-1376
English letter-writing family15th century
King of France captured by English at Poitiers1319-1364
Abbess presiding over the Synod of Whitbyc.614–680
Emperor of Byzantium, tried to reconquer Italy483-565
French saint burned at stake by the Englishc.1412-1431
Founder of the Mongol Empire1162–1227
French author of Arthurian stories12th century
Frankish queen maligned by Gregory of Toursd. 597

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