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Where the **** is Kanye when you need him?
Broken tibias fibulas yeah fix me up
Once when I tried to take 7 kids from Columbine
New Kids on the Block
And explaining these food stamps to Hailie and Laynie
Nintendo bitch! Run jump punch!
Couple of cocktails send me to jail
Mother? Are you there? I love you.
And I'll still piss a Happy Meal off
I got a letter from a fan that says
Police! AAAH Help!
Use Intercourse to settle scores
You see that gerbil? See that tube?
When Proof shoot up they coop
That's the mentality here
Marshall your'e no longer the man
My mother reproduced like a komodo dragon
I feel like I'm walkin' a tight rope
Had a dream I was getting jacked by spiders
Believe it or not I thank my mom for how she raised me

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